Funny and Facts part 2. Its too make you laugh and at same time learn. haha. well i hope you enjoyed. Dont be hatin'. Close to 80 percent of Super | “avg we Bow dont be hatin

Funny and Facts part 2

Its too make you laugh and at same time learn. haha. well i hope you enjoyed. Dont be hatin'

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Close to 80 percent of Super | “avg we
Bowl viewers, watch it
completely for the
commedians "
For every "normal" webpage
there are five porn
webpages its like Dill] M
The star mangled banner man {helmets are lil manna war
was made to the tune of an ,
There are no clocks in Las -
Vegas casinos
Men couldn' t enter
Disneyland if they had
long hair until 1960' s.
Donald Duck comics were
not allowed in Finland
because he didn' t wear
22 percent of American
women aged 20 were
pregnant in their teens
Sex is biochemically no " ., I
different than eating large THE CAR
quantities of chocolate
When swans go on a date,
they stick their heads
together and will stay
together for life
25 percent of fires from
unknown origin are caused
by rats
we I' II‘ vow Mil,
99 percent of all animals
that ever lived on earth are
Human, bonobo monkeys
and dolphins are the only
species that have sex for
Every year you eat four
bugs in your sleep
At birth a panda weighs
only 4 ounces and is
smaller than a mouse
Over 10, 000 birds a
year are killed by
smashin into windows
It' s possible that a blue
whale could inflate 2000
balloons with just one
This is
An ant can survive 2 days I slut‘
underwater ' =
Mexico city sinks about
10 inches in a entire
A cow give almost 200, 000
glasses of milk in its entire
lifetime J w I .
Wearing headphones in or Ell the nan}! van on will
your ears for 1 hour will -
increase the bacteria level Jesus me“ so we can ‘man
in your ear by 700 percent. llooll!] S In Nai Hana“.
The first domain name l V’
ever registered was
symbolics. com
Feb 1865 is the only
month ever recorded to
not have a full moon
Ila’! thanks to an arm anoint! of thaats
amt/ w doubt bah my 'mostpopular work /1401 war /
separte. {dank these take a
by time touch Will?! / s '
york /11; or wind bceause it hips and tint? taint Me people
want. So thugh mar?
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User avatar #7 - bakinboy (08/15/2010) [-]
ostriches dont stick their head in the ground at all.
i just drowned an ant underwater in 2 minutes
User avatar #4 - epicquestgirl (08/15/2010) [-]
More please!!!!
User avatar #3 - JoeTheRooster (08/15/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Am I the only one that took my headphones off?
#1 - Stantheman (08/14/2010) [+] (1 reply)
The male ostrich will dig a large hole (up to 6 to 8 feet wide and 2 to 3 feet deep) in the sand for the nest / eggs. Predators cannot see the eggs across the countryside which gives the nest a bit of protection. The hen as well as the rooster takes turns setting on the eggs and because of the indention in the ground, usually just blend into the horizon. All birds turn their eggs (with their beak) several times a day during the incubation period. From a distance it appears as though the bird has his/her head in the sand.
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