What BP could have bought. Facebook Fails!:<br /> /funny_pictures/688181/Facebook+Fails/. All the things could buy 10 years of clean water for each of the bp oil spill info win
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What BP could have bought

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All the things
could buy
10 years of clean water for each of the 884
million people in the world without access to it
84 billion
tat thear/ person. Sauna . tom, ) I
A new home to replace each of the 275, 000 lost in
Hurricane Katrina
125 billion
An ice cream sandwich for everyone on Earth
069 billion I
on ' an Yahoo menu!
A Prim for each or BPS 92. 000 employees.
968 billion I
A copy of Shh My Dad Says for
every user on Twitter
Twitter itself I
variation; I
This island in the Bahamas
3 million
Lighthouse Cay, I miles )
Photo by '
A pogo stick for every
elementary school kid In the U. S.
25 million I
A 3 pack of condoms for every
teenager in the US.‘
45 million
Willey got the 1, 000 ct discount packs from Amazon. com)
or item in certan mm
An Ipad for every college
student in the us.
305 billion
A trip to outer space for every U. S. Senator
111630 million Space Adventures) +
A year' s sponsorship million needy kids
at Children International
A 3 Wolf Moon toshiro for every
person in America
432 billion
A second wolf shirt for every
person in Idaho
7 million
an ' lia. Amazon. com)
000, 000, 000
visual economics%,
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