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Im having a hard time choosing between ps3 and xbox 360. Any suggestions?
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Yes. That is the best solution!
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PS3. Free multiplayer online play, a Blu-Ray player, and it has a web browser on it. So it's a Playstation, a Blu-Ray player, and a computer.
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thank you all for the suggestions! I will take them into consideration but stil lhave not made my choice
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Xbox 360. With the little exclusives it has, they're usually higher quality (in terms of gameplay and overall feel) and not to mention Xbox Live gets downloads before PSN (for most multi-console games).

But that's my opinion. The decision's really yours.
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.....the games on ps3 and xbox are exactly the same i dont know what your talking about. the only games it has that arn't on ps3 are just first person shooters and who needs more of those. besides ps3 actually does have better graphics more processors so it runs faster. also it doesn't explode after owning it for 2 years like the xbox does. just sayin
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See, the PS3's GRAPHICS processors are better. The actual processor (the one that matters) isn't much of an improvement over the 360's. Take, for example, the PS3's graphic-heavy games (MGS4, Uncharted, Heavy Rain) have been notorious due to constant lag. Not to mention some previously-PS-exclusive companies and games are making their way onto the Xbox. (i.e. Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy.)
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my games never lag you must be on like the ******* ps3 slim or that piece of **** . and the only reason those companies are making games for xbox too is because you make a lot more money being for 2 consoles than for 1. i highly doubt any big company gives 2 ***** about which system there on when they are pretty much exactly the same with a few minor changes
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Listen, I never intended this to be a flame war, but I'm not saying the PS3 is a bad system. I just think it can do better (since Sony hasn't lived up to half their BS).
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neither did i. and i know it isn't. im just saying the hype about 360's is ridiculous and the hate on ps3 is just plain stupid considering there just the exact same thing when you get down to the bare basics.
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I'm not hating on PS3. And the hype is actually not as ridiculous as you'd think. We have more to live up to than PS3 (if you don't count Sony's BS).

Listen, why are we bashing on each other? It's the ******* Wii we should be trying to bring down. TOGETHER.
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eh the hype is. everybody i know has an xbox and automatically assumes the ps3 sucks because it doesn't have gears or halo. and the wii has its fair share of fun games, brawl, mario kart, there remaking goldeneye and starfox 64 which is are some of my favorite games ever. plus all the old nintendo games you can buy which still kick ass today
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True... true...

Everyone I know that has a 360 doesn't hate on the PS3, again, we just think the 360 is better (OPINION. PLEASE RESPECT IT). And everyone I know that has a PS3 (just a PS3, no 360) hates on the 360.

And I'm not saying that the Wii isn't fun... it's just too... cheesy. (I couldn't find the right word)
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well its just because everybodys idea of a video game now a days is killing **** brutally, shooting people, or sports/racing. there fun for what there worth but if you only like that stuff then its not for you. and ok i agree with you about the xbox vs ps3 thing. i mean no matter what we say were never gonna make the other agree with us
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We're also never gonna:
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PS3, higher quality plus no breakdowns
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id say PS3. but thats just my preferance. its not 'breakdown free', it just happens less frequent :)
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actually, scratch that.... i think some people have started :/ ah well, nice while it lasted
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It is a nice change, isn't it :)
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atleast you have to aim in this one
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