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Best Disses Part 8

Best Disses Part 8
1) The smartest thing thats ever come out of
your mouth is a penis (credit to Rogersrabbit)
2) Sarcasm is a foreign language to you, isn' t
3) What was that? Sorry, I don' t speak fat bitch
credit goes to Holycrapiliektoast)
4) I don' t think you have a learning disability, I
think you' re just stupid
5) Your IQ is lower than my shoe size
6) I' m pretty sure opposites don' t attract cause
I' m pretty smart and I certainly don' t like you
7) Whatever kind of look you were going for,
you missed
8) Grasp you ear firmly and pull. Hopefully
you' ll be able to get your head out of your ass
9) Can I borow your face for a few days? My ass
is going on vacation.
10) When I first met you I didn' t like you very
much. Now that I' gotten to know you better
I truly hate you.
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