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Best Disses Part 7

Best Disses Part 7
1) Oh shit a zombie! Wait thats just you
2) If your brains were made of dynamite, you
wouldn' t have enough to blow your nose.
3) Why don' t you slip into something more
comfortable, like a coma
4) The best part of you dried up on your
mom' s thigh
5) How can you love nature, when it did that
to you?
6) I would insult you, but I doubt you' d -
7) You are a living reason why blowjobs are
8) I' m busy now, can I ignore you some other
9) You' re not obnoxious like so many other
people. You' re obnoxious in a completely dif-
perent and far worse way
10) You have an inferiority complex and it is
for part 8
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