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Best Disses Part 6

Best Disses Part 6
1) If I wanted my own comeback, I would have
wiped it off your mom' s chin.
2) Did you just cough? I thought I smelled
3) Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Cause your face is all fucked up
4) Yo mama' s like a brick. Square on all sides
and gets laid by mexicans (credit goes to
5) I never forget a face. In your case thats a
bad thing.
6) Yo mama' s so fat, her phone number shows
up on the scale when she steps on
7) Just cause nobody understands you doesn' t
make you an artist
8) If my dog was as ugly as you, I' d shave his
ass and make him walk backward
9) Dumbass
10) When I first met you I thought you were
really smart. Then you opened your mouth
for part 7
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