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Best Disses Part 5

Best Disses Parta
1) Congratulations on being the first in your
family born without a tail!
2) It looks like your face caught fire and
someone tried to put it out with a fork
3) No I don' t mind that you' re talking so
much cause I' m not really listening
4) I know you' re a self made man. It good
that you' re willin to take the blame.
5) You look lost in thought. Must be
unfamiliar territory for you.
6) Did your parents ever ask you to run away
from home?
7) Do you want people to accept you for who
you are or do you want them to like you?
8) Are you always this stupid, or are you
making a special effort today?
9) You' re really lucky appearances aren' t
10) I' ll never forget the first time we met,
but I' ll keep trying.
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