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Best Disses Part 4

Best Disses Part 4
1) Do you ever wonder what life would be like if
you were born with enough oxygen?
2) I' d see thing from your point of view, but I
don' t think I can get my head that far up my ass
3) Your brain must be in mint condition consider-
ing you' never used it
4) If what you don' t know won' t hurt you, you
must be invulnerable
5) I really hope you don' t breed
6) Heres twenty cents. Go call all your friends and
bring me back the change
7) Are your parents siblings or cousins?
8) As an outsider, what do you think of civilized
9) You may not know the meaning of the word
fear, but then again you don' t know the meaning
of most words
10) Have you considered suing your brain for
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