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Best Disses Part 3

Best Disses Part 3
1) I was thinking about you all day. I was at the zoo.
2) I want to ask how old you are, but I know you can' t
count that high
3) You should learn from your parents mistakes. Try
using birth control
4) I heard you went in a haunted house and they of-
fared you a job
5) I used to think people should always try to be
themselves. Then I met you
6) You' re funny, but looks arent everything (credit
goes to )
7) Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt
8) They say opposites attract, so you' re perffect for
someone who is smart, attractive, honest, and funny.
9) If you didn' t have feet, you wouldn' t wear shoes.
So why do you wear a bra?
10) Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but you abuse
the privelege
As before for part 4
All comments will be
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