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Best Disses Part 1

Best Disses Part 1
1) Your Birth notificate is an apology from the
condom manufacturer.
2) Yo mama so fat, she wore an x files shirt and a heli-
copter landed on her
3) I fart in your general direction
4) If I wanted to hear from an
asshole, I' d fart
5) You' ll never be the man your mother is
6) You' re adopted
7) You must have been born on a highway, cause
thats where most accidents happen.
8) Yo mama so fat that when I tried to avoid hitting
her on the highway, I ran out of gas before getting
around her.
9) Hey, did you get the licence plate number of who-
ever ran over your face?
10) you were twice as smart, you' d still be stupid.
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