Dirty jokes 5. Part 7: /funny_pictures/644442/Dirty+jokes+7/. I have decided to do only one dedication per 'dirty jokes' and the winner of dedication for this o Dirty jokes 5 Part 7: /funny_pictures/644442/Dirty+jokes+7/ I have decided to do only one dedication per 'dirty jokes' and the winner of for this o
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Dirty jokes 5

I have decided to do only one dedication per 'dirty jokes' and the
winner of dedication for this one was this guy ©
Dirty jokes s
Due winter year, these two little treas headed for the warm sunny beaches
of California to escape the cold. The first tiea got there and started rubbing
suntan lotion on his little tiea arms and his little toee legs. Just then, the
second tiea arrived just it shiverin' and a shakin'. The first flea asked,
What the hell happened to you?" To which the second tiea replied "I just
rode out here on a bikers moustache and I' m so very !" The first
flea said, "Don' t you know the special trick to getting here, first you go to
the airport; go straight to the ladies commode, wait for a pretty young
stewardess to come along, and when she sits down you climb right up in
there where nice and warm". The second tiea agreed that this was a
grand idea. The next winter comes along and It was time for the treas to
head for the sunny beaches again. The first tatta arrived and began putting
suntan lotion on his little flea anns and his lime flea legs. About that time,
the second flea arrived again Just a shiverin', shakin', and mumbling about
haw cold he was. The first tiea exclaimed "Dmn' t you learn anything that I
taught you about getting here nice and warm?" To which the second fter
replied, "I did Just as you said: I went to the ladies commode and this
pretty came in and sat down, I climbed right up in there and it
was so very warm. Next thing I know we stop at a bar and I fell asleep. All
of a sudden I wake and there I was, right back on that bikers moustache!
The doc told him that masturbating before sex often helped men last longer
during the act. The man decided, "what the hell, I' ll try it, “He spent the
rest of the day thinking about where to do it. He couldn' t do it in his office.
He thought about the restroom, but that was too open. He considered an
alley, but figured that was too unsafe. Finally, he realized his solution. (in
his way home, he pulled his truck over on the side of the highway. He got
out and crawled underneath as if he was examining the truck. Satisfied
with the privacy, he undid his pants and started to masturbate.
He closed his eyes and thought of his lover. As he grew closer to orgasm, he
felt a quick tug at the bottom of his pants. Not wanting to tom his mental
fantasy or the orgasm, he kept his eyes shut and replied, "What?" He heard,
This is the police. What' s going on down there?" The man replied, "I' m
checking out the rear axle, its busted." Came the reply, "thtats, you might as
well check your brakes too while you' re down there because your truck
rolled down the hill 5 minutes ago."
A lady goes to the doctor' s office and tells the doctor that she can' t get her
husband to have sex with her anymore. So, the doctor gives her some pills
and says to give her husband one each night in his dinner whenever she
wants to have sex. That night she gave him one and they had a decent night
of sex. The next night she decided to try A pills and she had even better
sex. Well the next night she tried B pills and the sex was wonderful. so the
next night she decided to dump the whole bottle in his dinner. The next day
her son showed up at the doctor' s office and said, "Doctor, Doctor, what did
you do to my Daddy? My mom' s dead, my sister' s pregnant; my butt hurts,
and my dad' s going around saying here kitty, kitty, "
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