Call of Duty F U!. Link to part 5: /funny_pictures/643235/Call+of+Duty+F+U+part+5+with+bonus/<br /> Link to part 2: /funny_pictures/637987/Call+of+Duty+F+ thechariot Call of duty Modern Warfare fuck you f u
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Call of Duty F U!

5 Things That _Happens To
Everyone On Call Of Duty
L Sitting in a comer (Shame on you, camper) with a half empty clip
waiting fer someone to tum the comer so you can blow their
fucking face off. Then you finally build up enough carrage to reload
after 30 seconds and BAM! Some asshole turns the comer and kills
you in a delayed reaction.
2. You' 1' e cooking a grenade to throw over a window OI' in a small
space. You know it' s going to be accurate and epic! You say to
yourself "That faggot has no idea what' s coming."
As you near the end of your cooking, you get the running start,
point up a bit and you say "HAHA, you fa" -BAMI Some douche just
sniped you in a time consuming head shot attempt.
3. The match just started, your playing domination OI', better yet,
S& D. You got it all planned, the perfect class, your timing it right
and you didnt get stuck behind some faggot that deosnt know where
the sprint button is. Cant wait to pop some bitches as soon as you
tum the Comer. What comes out of your' mouth 6 seconds in the
4. This applies to those who live with their parents still... Just got in
a party with your friends, game is leading. Mom comes home frem
work "Fuck..." You say to yourself. "Come unload the dishwasher,
clean your reem, cut the grass, laundry, etc. And get off that damn
I WILL IN A MINUTEA... Fucking where..." And the bitch just
doesn' t leave you alone and stands in front of the TV going on
about how your wasting your life and the "Its bad
for you!" Any no matter how much you know your' pissing her off,
you dent take yena' eyes off the TV. If yena' mom' s cool, she pawls
and stea' ms upstairs. If she' s a total bitch, she turns it off and you
sulk fer the next hour,
5. Yeu' re playing a decent game, almost got your chopper
gunner/ . Yeu' re - technique
is paying off. Then the phone 1' ings... ". l" You go
and hide in a shitty spot and sprint like a motherfucker with
lightweight fer the pheny. Answer with a
gqq Its yehr grandmother who just LOVES to talk...
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