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AT AT Specs

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Backpack troop when
sated cubic winch
upon deck 'll"
extensible ' ,
was rack "
Fuel RCI -
bike garage
an we ix»: -is Ttritty
o their
WW,, EWE no piston davu
Knee " use john brake -
itemid and we
control systems
Terrain sensor computer
impulse terrain ser. sor/
Dalilej as WEAPONS or TERROR, the gigantic imperial All Terrain Armored
walkers advance inexorably on the ',, like unstoppable giants.
These behemoth monsters are shielded with heavy armor cladding. making them
invulnerable to all but the heaviest theboomer weaponry. Blaster bolts from ordinary
turrets and cannons merely glance off the walkers armor or are harmlessly absorbed
and dissipated. A powerful reactor produces the raw energy needed to move this
weighty battle machine. cannons in WI movable cockpit spit death and savagery at
helpless toes below culling a swath of destruction which the mighty {nomads then
crash through. Breaking enemy hoes with its blaster [ilto and lumbering mass. the
walker functions as a troop carrier. holding in its body platoons of crack assault
soldiers. ground weaponry, and spade: hike vehicles.
when at s cargo of terror is released into the chaos and destruction ii walker has
created, another imperial victory is nearly complete.
up to an snowtroopers Aw: twili[ deployment ASSAULT c, mm.;
Watt walkers an unleash their assault letters in swam] =
waves using with attached hummus. Booth was
extend to drop combat troop and e meat over the ' .
bikes are using at Trout and tuck.
Elmer Ill din
access misc S 2
Targeting \ t: n
humour Illust: r cannon
class 1! haw
use laser
Tire ck armor plating or the Imperia. | walker makes it too hearty
for with to Wlil its MM its huge = not over
obstacles and terrain. while steep hillsides or deep swamps
can WWF the progress oldie walker. ATHAT pilots can guide
walkers across surprisingly nagged ground.
artiste the neck to not
The walkers heavily armored head series is
a cockpit tor the two pilots and the remote
o ester are mounted the
vehicles weapon systems. while both pilots
are my to perriot all
ignitions T? normal practice one serves is
drive! while the other acts as gunner. Firing
controls can at any time be yielded to the
terriers who uses a periscope
display Ti tactical and
reactants. The we pilots are guided by
sensors under the and ground sensors
built into the feel or the REA" scans rend
the nature and shape dime ( ahead.
infallible looting.
be = ETE
Terrain scanners
scout trooper wearing
heated suit
MEM gun
walkers usually carry a set
oils Th: speed and mi V of Lima: Mk:
complement the plodding In m ! III: walk: . in rig the C med '
capability thorough and overwhelmed The colossal size and nightmarish animal
resemblance m the ATHAT combine with its combat F, gin it tremendous
power. until W. hauls o! Hath. no army had ever fought resolutely
against an onslaught oi walkers. so {tightening and ':: ' their presence.
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