Mother of all Fact Posts Part II. Part 1: /funny_pictures/628777/Mother+of+all+Fact+Posts/<br /> Part 3 is on it's way.. Creepy Pasta presents More Useles more facts Part II creepy pasta
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Mother of all Fact Posts Part II

Creepy Pasta presents
More Useless Facts Than You Ever Needed to
Know - The Boss Post of all Fact Posts
h Silicon Chip A Quarter Inch Square Has The Capacity oi The original luau Elia Computer, which occupied A meek.
h Standard have is To I 3' 2 I 6.
h Syzygy occurs when All The Planets Of The our Solar System line up
h Introit Moon is Inns First Quarter.
h wind with A Speed Of " Miles or More is Designated A Hurricane
About Seven buillied can hrs Team Each Year In The us.
According To The Gemological institute oi America, up Hutu 1896, India was The only some for Diamonds To The world
According T The Texas Department oi Transportation. one Persei Is Killed Annually Painting Stripes on The State' s
Highways And Reads.
Au Snow Crystals Are Hexagonal
All The Gold Produced in The Past five Hundred Years, If Melted, Could He Compressed Into A Sweet co
Au Totalled The Sunlight That Strikes Earth At Any Given Moment Weighs As Much As ha ocean Liner.
American Airlines Saved "aloo By Eliminating one Olive from Each Salad Served In First mass.
An is Spud with Nine Paces.
ha Inch oi Snow Falling Evenly on one Acre oi Greene is Equivalent To About 2715 Gallons Of Water.
hay Free Moving liquid In outer Space will form Itself Into A Sphere Because oi Its Seduce Tension
Approximately our oi Software In China is mated
April is Earthquake Preparedness Month for A little Added incentive. Consider This, The Ill! Earthquake To
Strike The united States occurred In 1811 In New Madrid Missouri The Quake Shook More Than one mien Square wees,
And was Felt As Far As we Miles Away.
At Any Given Time. There Are woo Thunderstorms In Progress over The Earth' s Atmosphere.
At Hem Temperature, The Average Air Molecule Travels At The Speed oi A Rifle Harlet.
Back In The Mid To Late ms, An in compatible computer wasn' t cosidered h Hundred Percent unless it
Could Hue ' s Flight Simulator.
Bacteria, The Tiniest Cells, Are so Small That h Single mop oi liquid Contains As Many As so mien oi Them.
lamina (The world' s Tallest Grass] can Grew up To go Crn in A Hay.
Because oi The Rotation oi The Earth An object up Be Thrown Farther it is Thrown west
marelyn Shoemaker Has Discovered 32 Comets And Approximately Boo Asteroids.
Clouds fly Higher Home The Hay Than The Night.
workers Hard Hats were First Invented And used in The moulding oi The Hoover Ham In 1933.
Hid You Know You Share h Birthday with At Least Nine whine other People In The world?
Maing The Time That The Atomic Homa was Being Hatched By The united States At Alamogordo. New Mexico. Alphabets
for Routine Tubs like Janitors, Were If They Could ' Illiteracy was A lob Requirement The ileum The
Authorities Hid Net want Their Trash or Other Papers Head
Each Year There Is one Tue oi Cement Poured for Each Man. woman And Wild in The world
Ethernet Is A Registered Trademark oi Xerox, unis is A Registered Trademark oi Am.
Experts At Intel Say That Microprocessor Speed will Home Every To Months Per At Mast IO Tears.
February 1865 is The only Month In Recorded History Not Have A full Moon
Methane Gas tan Often Be Seen up from The Hottea Of Ponds. It is Produced Hy The oi Bead
Plants And Animals In The Med
71 Basketball Star wilt Chamberlain' s Parents Were 5' 8.
Albert Einstein was Offered The Presidency oi Israel in 1952.
Alexander Graham mu. Never Teleported His whe or Mother. They Hath Were Heal.
Alexander Hamster was Shot Hy Aaron Herr In The Groin
Alexander The Great was An Epileptic.
Alfred Hitchcock Bid Not Have A Belly Hutton
America Media Mm Ted Turner owns " oi New Mexico.
ha German Named Matthew , Known As The little Mae oi Played Pour Musical
instruments Including The Bagpipes, was An Expert Calligrapher, And was The Most famous Stage Magician oi His Hay. He
Performed Tricks with The Cup And Balls That Have Never Heep Explained Yet Had Ne Hands. Legs, or Thighs
And was Less Than at Inches Tall
Artist Constantino Tell from The Home oi The Capital while Painting h Mural Around The Him. He med four
Months later.
Astronaut Neil Armstrong Stepped on The Moon with His left feet First
ht Ia Years old An African Named Ernest lashes Made His First Entry In His may And Continued Everyday for 91 Years.
ht h Fair In Maine. A Hey Spit A watermelon Seed 38 Ft
MAG: if-. was A are Inspector.
At Am , The new Stones‘ Bassist Hill Wyman, Hagan h Relationship with old Handy Smith. With Her
Mother' s messing. Six Tears Later. They were Married. Hut The Marriage only lasted A Year. Nut Long After, Hill' s do
Yearsold Sue Stephen Married Mandy' s Mother. " in That Made Stephen h Stepfather To His former Stepmother. If Hill
And Mandy Rad Remind Married. Stephen would Have Heep His father' s And His own Grandpa.
ht he Ninety. Peter Mustaine Of ,% ,% deedly Ewan Speaking Again Alter h Silence oi do Fears The
Yugoslavian News Agency meted Tun As Saying I lost Hide' t want To He “Elan Service, So I Stopped Speaking In Ikio,
Then Hint used To it
Mile The Hon was A lived. Pepin The Short. Aesop. Gretzky The Teen, Charles 3 oi Naples, And The Pasha Hussain Were
All Less Then 3. 5 Feet Tall
Augustus Caesar Had Fear oi Sitting In The Hark.
Benita old ward mine Evil Eye By Touching His Testicles
Veniamin Franklin Lived At MI Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Veniamin Preamp was The First Head oi The united States Pest office.
Hill Gates’ First Business was Trail o Hate A Company That Created Machines which Recorded The Number oi Cars
Passing A Given Point on A '
Heb Hole is IO Years Older Than The Empire State Homing.
British Politician. lobe Ionian“. The ATM Earl oi Sandwich is Credited with Naming The Sandwich He Developed The
Habit oi Eating Heel Between Slices oi least so He Could Continue Playing Cards uninterrupted
Hun Aldrin was The First Man To Pee His Pants on The Moon
By Age in Andre The Giant (who' s Real Name is Andre ] was tno' Tall He Had A Rare Glandular Disorder That
Made His Huey Continue To Grew. Even As He med. His Huey was Still Groaned
Catherine He Medici was The First woman In Europe To use Tobacco. She Took it in h Mixture oi Seen.
Cathy may Is The only woman To Pose Nude for Sports illustrated
Charles He Game' s final words were ‘it Hurts.‘
Charles Hickeys was An . who Believed His Best chance oi Sleeping was In The Center oi h Bed facing literal’
Charlie Chaplin once wee Third Prize In h Charlie Chaplin Leek Alike Cutest
Clark Gable used To Shower Mere Than A Times A Hay.
Despite His Great Scientific And Artistic Achievement Leonardo Davinci was Most Proud oi His Ability To Heed he with
His Hare Bands.
Einstein Couldn' t Speak fluently when He was Nine. His Parents Thought He Might He Retarded
Eskimos Never Gamble
Every oi An American Atomic Bomb was Taken By Harold _
Everytime Heeheehee Sat Howe To Write Music. He Puree ice water over His Head
Genghis Khan Started out As A Gatherers.
Issac Asimov is The only Aether To Have A Hook In Every tawdry.
Malcolm Lem Rad The Fear oi Choking on Fish Hones.
Marcel Had A Swordfish At Home
Mere oi Tohave Sebastian Hath Have Heep Cathedral Druggists.
Mr. Kain Him is An Anagram for Tim Morrison
Had His Heats were Hy Servants To Break Them In more He were Them.
Napoleon Bonaparte was Afraid oi tats
wait Hussey' s Autograph Mars Nu To The famous Disney Togo.
At - do “eaten Centigrade A Person loses About 114 Calories Per Hour Hy Breathing
Pet Superstores New Sell About 40 Percent oi All Pet feed
one Killian Americans, About Moo Each Bay, Take up Smoking Each Year. Most Of Them Are Children
In 1933, Mickey Mouse. An Animated Cartoon Character. Received 800, 000 Pan Letters
There Are only Peer wrds In The English Language which End In "lions? Tremendous. Horendous. Stupendous. And
If You Attempted To Count To Stars In A Galaxy At h Hate oi one Every Second it would Take Around Shoo Years To
Count Them Au
Less Than oi Nestle’; Sales Are for Chocolate.
The Average Persei Will Spend weeks over Their lifetime Waiting for The Traffic light To Change
More Than 25% Left Handed People Are [med Every Year from using Right Handed Products
it Is Estimated That At hay one Time, oi: oi The world' s Populating Are
The Tip oi A 1/ 3 Inch Long Hour Hand on A Wristwatch Travels At _ 00000275 kph
All Consumption oi Alcohol Is Strictly Regulated In Norway. And is only Sole Through State owned Shops Called
Nevertheless as And do I oi All Alcahol Consumed is Either or Illegally Made At
one Thing That Humans He Mere Than Anything in Their Entire We is Sleep. Most Americans Sleep Mere The 6 H Hours
h Hay. Which is on _ Amend M Years oi ones we
A Man' s Heard Contains Between 7000 And 15, 000 Hairs.
h Heard Grows An _ oi h Year
h Hair Is Per tent Easier To tut when Soaked In warm water for Two Minutes
women' s Hair is About Huh The Hamster oi Men' s Hair
Huang An Average Lifetime. A Man Will Speed 3. Hours Removing EA Meters oi Stubble
mien People Have Their Health 'Severely Affected' By Air Each Year.
4 Million Children Hie Each Year from inhaling Smke from Indoor Cooking Fires That Horn weed And Hue
A when People The Annually from . Caused Hy Peer Sanitary Conditions
Less Than one Per tent oi The 500 Chinese tines Have Clean Air, Respiratory Disease Is China' s Leading Cause Of Heath
The Number oi Cars on The Planet is Increasing Three Times Faster Than The Population Growth
it Took Animaters working In Disney Studies in Burbank. Calfornia. Orlando. Honda. And Paris, frame To
templete The Animated Tarzan. Because oi The Time Differences, Production was Able To occur Around The Clock for
Mere Than Three Years.
The Most Expensive commerical Ever Made Is one oi The Most famous. The famous ' Apple Macintosh Commerical
Shown Introducing Macintosh To The world. only once. Huang The will Super Howl it was Wald By Badley Scott. And
test Amend , 000 n ii when To Make The commerical Shows Hundreds oi People messed In The Same Clothing
Wing Howe Hark Flamewars To A Huge Telescoped Featuring Big Bruther. h women In tunred Clothing (Representing The
Creativity In , Hues Howe The Followed Hy The Thought Police. She Horn A Sledge Hammer ht Big
Brother And The Screen Explodes, whee The modes look on with Dropped laws
Hang on Sleepy‘ Is The Official Rock Song oi ohm.
Genres washington Grew Marijuana In His Garden
George washington Had To Barrow Money To Go To His own inauguration.
renege washingtub was Heathly Afraid oi Heine Ended Alive. After He med. He wanted To Be Laid out for Three Bars
lust T Make Sure He was Head
George washington' s Has: Teeth were Made oi Whale Hone. Net weed
Gerald Peru was once A Male Model
Germany Holds The Title for Most Independent Inventors To Apply for Patents.
Ghosts Appear In I Shakespearian Plays; hues Caesar, Richard he Hamlet And Macbeth
Giant flying Poses That Live In Have wingspans oi Nearly Six feet.
Glass flutes no Not Expand with Humidity Se Their owners Are Spend The Nuisance oi Tuning Them.
Goat wk Is used To Produce Cheese.
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