FJ Adventures: Part Three. /funny_pictures/504973/FJ+Adventures+Part+One/<br /> /funny_pictures/537452/FJ+Adventures+Part+Two/<br /> The long-awaite Audio Integer FJ adventures three funny
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FJ Adventures: Part Three

FJ Adventures: Part Three. /funny_pictures/504973/FJ+Adventures+Part+One/<br /> /funny_pictures/537452/FJ+Adventures+Part+Two/<br /> The long-awaite

/funny_pictures/504973/FJ+Adventures+Part+One/<br />
/funny_pictures/537452/FJ+Adventures+Part+Two/<br />
The long-awaited part three is finally out!! I have nothing against DSend, just thought he'd be the ideal Gary/Rival figure in my comic. This took me about 10 hours combined to draw, go over in pen, color, and don't know when the next one will be out. Hopefully, I'll start releasing one of these every week.<br />
[EDIT] Wow, thanks for front page guys! 0.o For all you who absolutely hated this, I'm sorry you didn't like it; hopefully you will like my future stuff. For those who smiled when they saw this, you make drawing these worth all the effort ^-^.

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