FJ NEWS (please read). BTW.<br /> this is not a LEAVE JUSTIN BIEBER AND TWILIGHT ALONE thing, i personally hate them and thats why i want them off this si justin Bieber twilight complaint FJ News button please read
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FJ NEWS (please read)

FJ NEWS (please read). BTW.<br /> this is not a LEAVE JUSTIN BIEBER AND TWILIGHT ALONE thing, i personally hate them and thats why i want them off this si

BTW.<br />
this is not a LEAVE JUSTIN BIEBER AND TWILIGHT ALONE thing, i personally hate them and thats why i want them off this site.<br />
...<br />
and check out my friends comic he found on the internet.<br />

Good morning
Adamacev reporting live
from Fl central
So Ive been going
around Funnyjunk
lately, looking at some
93% of all the kids would cry stjustin Weber
would be standing on a high building,
If you belong to the Thu that would yell:
make a flip!" than thumbs up
And these two pics caught my
And i can see how this is
funny, but listen.. mast likely 2 more
movies will be coming out following
the eclipse", and its going to take 2
years to complete the "saga" and
not going to wait around for
everybody to Just drop it.
So Just STFU about Twilight already
its getting really annoying.
93% Mall the kids would cry if justin bidder NOW as for this pic, pretty pissed about...
would " standing tan a high building, i mean ive probably seen 5 different versions of
this same joke in the past 6 months, and
Wynn heling tn the 7% ' pal honestly tired of hearing his name.
make a flip!" than thumbs up
and as for the reposters..
Now you may ask yourself
what going to do about the
Bieber problem.
you also may be asking
yourself, wtf is the thing
next to me.. an i can tell
you its a button.
I' d like to call it the Bieber b'
Gone button.. its use is to wipe
everyones memory on Justin
Now shut your godsdamn
while i go
celebrate the absence of
that one fag and party like
its 2005 when Funnyjunk
was funny.
Thanks For Reading
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Submitted: 07/13/2010
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User avatar #144 - Hagenite (07/14/2010) [-]
I think most of us get that there's been too many of those posts lately. The number of them has declined a lot in the past few days, but now we're seeing more and more of these rants complaining about said pictures. It's turning into a vicious cycle so how about everyone shut the **** up.
#152 to #144 - suicideXsweetie **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [-]
****** agreed
just the point im tryin to get across
#153 to #144 - metalmaster **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [-]
i agree i alway say if u ignore something it'll go away its always true... well except for cancer
User avatar #88 - RogueNightmare (07/14/2010) [-]
actually. funnyjunk was built off reposts. always will be
User avatar #90 to #88 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
yeah.. from 4chan amirite?
User avatar #92 to #90 - RogueNightmare (07/14/2010) [-]
not always. funnyjunk started as a big repost of funny things across the interwebs
#76 - TheUrineMonster (07/14/2010) [-]
celebrate the absence of who you say?
User avatar #80 to #76 - NinjaJedi (07/14/2010) [-]
He was a highpitched faggot, you say?
#1 - anon (07/13/2010) [-]
User avatar #183 - Danzig (07/14/2010) [-]
User avatar #182 - MurphyUK (07/14/2010) [-]
I did not laugh, you are saying when funnyjunk used to be funny, your not helping it be funny. Faggot.
#178 - anon (07/14/2010) [-]
**** off
#119 - WouldYouKindly **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [-]
The absence of what fag?
User avatar #47 - legacyofkain (07/14/2010) [-]
uh,yeah.....i think i broke your button
User avatar #48 to #47 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
haha. what?
User avatar #49 to #48 - legacyofkain (07/14/2010) [-]
yeah, i peed on the button last week and i still remember bieber
User avatar #50 to #49 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
well **** ..
User avatar #51 to #50 - legacyofkain (07/14/2010) [-]
oh yeah,i almost have AIDS
User avatar #52 to #51 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
is it from you peeing on the button?
User avatar #53 to #52 - legacyofkain (07/14/2010) [-]
yes. i injected AIDS into my have 5 days to live
User avatar #54 to #53 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
so do you.
User avatar #55 to #54 - legacyofkain (07/14/2010) [-]
im already dead. do you not recognize my avatar?
User avatar #56 to #55 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
i stopped reading deathnote a longgg time ago dude.. haha
User avatar #58 to #56 - legacyofkain (07/14/2010) [-]
yeah, i got killed by rem and came back because magical trevor made me a magic cake. i wouldnt reccomend it though,because it tastes like ****
User avatar #60 to #58 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
probs how you actually got aids
User avatar #62 to #60 - legacyofkain (07/14/2010) [-]
actually, i injected it into my bladder
User avatar #63 to #62 - legacyofkain (07/14/2010) [-]
would you like some cake?
User avatar #64 to #63 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
the cake is prob a lie
User avatar #65 to #64 - legacyofkain (07/14/2010) [-]
glados didnt make it. my watari bot did
User avatar #66 to #65 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
oh okay, *eats cake*
User avatar #67 to #66 - legacyofkain (07/14/2010) [-]
the cake had even more AIDS in it. you have 5 seconds
User avatar #68 to #67 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
**AdamAcev rolls 782,338,144** well at least i got a butt-load of thumbs from this convo, and my last roll *dies*
User avatar #198 to #68 - legacyofkain (07/16/2010) [-]
User avatar #29 - turdmonkey (07/13/2010) [-]
some of these pics now a days........
User avatar #30 to #29 - AdamAcev (07/13/2010) [-]
i know right?
User avatar #189 - LarryPlatt (07/14/2010) [-]
BREAKING NEWS. AdamAcev has just been run over by
[ The STFU Truck III""'I""\__,_

There were no survivors. And good riddance.
User avatar #192 to #189 - freenoobs (07/14/2010) [-]
in other news, you have been runnover by the

[ The GTFO Truck III""'I""\__,_

User avatar #195 to #192 - huntingnut (07/14/2010) [-]
even more news, i wanna be runover by the
[ The MILF Truck III""'I""\__,_
#191 to #189 - imapyrit **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [-]
thats ****** cool
#196 to #191 - pizzabob (07/14/2010) [-]
in random new that i just felt like putting here the
[ The LOLWUT Truck III""'I""\__,_
[__________ ____III__I__I__])

has just arrived
#148 - pedosoraptor **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [-]
b-but... i still remember him...a-am i the only one left? is there a small colony of rememberers left to make jokes with?!
#150 to #148 - anon (07/14/2010) [-]
yes there are
User avatar #157 - DJKitty (07/14/2010) [-]
If you eat the blue pixie stick, you go back to your room and believe what you want. If you eat the red pixie stick, you stay in funnyjunk and I show you the rest of the front page.
User avatar #159 to #157 - lawlzaraptor (07/14/2010) [-]
LMFAO xD you just made my day
User avatar #154 - aclmin (07/14/2010) [-]
And now back to you, Chad.

BTW, who the **** is justin bieber?
User avatar #140 - WarPigs (07/14/2010) [-]

who's justin bieber? he must be hilarious since he gets to the front page a lot
#137 - omgBFMV **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [-]
i c wat u did thar
#133 - zomba **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #135 to #133 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
spiffy huh..
User avatar #139 to #135 - DaCrazyOne (07/14/2010) [-]
#132 - JamesNikko **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [-]
yeh sick of hearing it, i mean its all good and well when there's some purpose like the whole korea thing but posting something about him everyday is just making this problem worse... 'there's no such thing as bad publicity'
User avatar #134 to #132 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
you do realize out of all the comments you are the one that posted something in which you agreed?..

i love you.
#136 to #134 - JamesNikko **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [-]
love is a big word......... *awkward* :D
User avatar #142 to #136 - AdamAcev (07/14/2010) [-]
yeah i was just messin.
#99 - crarawfawt (07/14/2010) [-]
who is this guy, *searches on youtube* oh hes a singer. *listens to song* omg that ****** sucked dick, i shall post how bad he is on funnyjunk so that they know about him.
#98 - Megabyte **User deleted account** (07/14/2010) [-]
Ok, I read this twice. WHO THE **** IS JUSTIN BIEBER? I recognized the name from somewhere the first time I read it, the second time I couldn't recall anything. And why does he want to wipe everyone's memory of that person?

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