Face it Pt.4. Number 5 ./funny_pictures/602023/Face+it+Pt+5/. FACE IT. Parta This man will soon be the face of skateboarding. The future " V to those N V i' who stuff
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Face it Pt.4

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This man will soon be the
face of skateboarding.
The future " V
to those N V i'
who prepare 1 '/
for it today." y ,
Miro m A V
Whites will never be able to call blacks
niggers. Some use the common excuse
well they say it, so can we". Well they
didn' t steal you away from your homeland
and make you into slaves and take away all
human rights and push genocide on you for
over 500 years.
You shouldn' t hate on the actors, they are
doing there job. If anything you should
hate the characters. Considering the
millions of dollars these guys are making
i' m sure if given the chance anal of you
would play them. Its all about the money,
don' t shoot the messengers.
Gangs are for little pussy faggots who can' t fight for
themselves, i don' t need people to back me up
CAUSE I' M NOT A PUSSY! even ifi get my ass
kicked ill walk away knowing i fought like a man.
Killing somee doesn' t make you hard, it makes you
retarded cause Averyl can but most have common
sense not to.
He is doing fine, given the
shit storm he walked into.
Bacon tastes good, no need to become
obsessed cause that shit ain' t funny
and is getting very old and annoying.
Superman would RAPE atman.
and is the ultimate superhero.
People need' to get the fuck ow reposts,
sure you have seen it before but there
are alot of people who haven' t.
Kansas is one of the biggest underrated bands ever.
Big is out and lean is in, also girls
don' t find this shit attractive. Just
a little to ripped buddy.
The Magic School Bus sounds like
some Pedophile shit.
This is your common PI er, they thumb up
everything that has to do with hating twilight or
Bieber even when its not funny. They are quick to
jump on the bandwagon and talk shit about things
they don' t know about. I don' t give a fuck what you
guys think, i don' t like Twilight or Bieber But those
jokes are getting played out and boring. I will keep
it real you better believe it.
Funnyjunk needs more free thinkers
who don' t give a fuck what people think.
Even if its not what people wanna hear.
If you like
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