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#3 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
Yeah no one can say he didn't deserve it he's not white... If you speak up against anyone of a different race your racist. If your white its well deserved hate. Maybe
#11 to #3 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
#47 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
"Sorry, Mr. President, Chicago will not hold the Olympics in 2016. As compensation, please accept the Nobel Peace Prize."
#87 to #47 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
So full of win :D
#50 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
Research the Nobel Peace Prize once in a while and see who has gotten it before. I believe the name Yassar Arrafat should come up at least once. The peace prize unlike the prizes in areas such as chemistry or physics can be given in the hope of that person actually doing what they have promised to do or in recognition of something that person has done. The idea behind giving it to Arrafat and two Israelis was to encourage the peace negotiations between the two groups. Probably the idea behind giving it to Obama is to remind him of his promises to the international community.
#51 to #50 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
... Sorry, could you repeat that?
#53 to #50 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
They gave it to Obama to make him so what he promised.
#57 to #50 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
#1 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
It would have been racist for them to have given it to anyone else.
#36 to #1 - TommyBearJr **User deleted account** (10/09/2009) [-]
Ugh. We made him our president. We shouldn't have to kiss his ass with a nobel peace prize. And it's not for anything great. I never got a nobel peace prize for effort. I got a goddamn star. Where the f**k is my nobel peace prize?... I expect an answer obama...
User avatar #98 - JackSchidt (10/10/2009) [-]
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#107 to #98 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
If he gets rid of the Jonas Brothers he bloody deservess a nobel prize to the power n.
#82 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
wow, endless trolling from BOTH points of view
the fact is that very few of you know ********* about what you're saying.
The few that DO strangely all used factual information rather than bias and opinion to prove their point.

Also, when you say: "Obama hasn't done **** " or "Bush created these problems" you fail to realize that our "presidents" are goddamn puppets. You're recognizing a period of our government's blunders by a face.
Do you think Obama wrote any of his speeches by himself if at all...
NO, he does what he's ******* told.

haha.... now i'm a troll...
User avatar #95 to #82 - ejreams (10/10/2009) [-]
Well said my friend,
its like a never ending fail.
You can't lose to win and you can't win to lose.
#86 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
a president whos nation is at war should not win ANY peace prize. End of conversation.
#92 to #86 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
anyone comment who angers others should not be acknowledged.

Please stop spreading ignorance.

I don't necessarily agree with him winning the Nobel Peace Prize. But what he did was important for the safety of others, you should really research what he did before complaining about him winning.
#102 to #86 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
if he cant keep his promises well he'll do wat bush did and promise he'll finish his promises wen they elect him again
#99 to #86 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
He didn't do anything but make promises. Promises he might not be able to keep, what if he doesn't keep them does the prize get taken away?
#5 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
Why not? He did nothing and won the presidency...
#12 to #5 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
touche. Although he did enjoy elaborating on everything he was going to do once he became president... which has yet to be seen
#7 to #5 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
#123 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
what the... where's mine? I've done just as much as him Mabey cos he's president he has a better chance than a 14 year old white boy.
#116 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
whoa whoa whoa.... if they're handing out nobel prizes for doing nothing then why then why the **** dont i have one?!
#117 to #116 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
Because you're not a lying muslim trying to destroy America yet acting friendly.

Talking about Yassir Arafat, of course.
User avatar #122 to #116 - Megatron (10/10/2009) [-]
Correction...why dont WE all have one?
#20 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
I hate Barack Obama, I am not a racist, I am not a bigot, I just really hate liberals, To all you people saying that he really deserves this gtfo, wtf has he done? Really? Tell me, don't be shy... that's right... he hasn't done **** ...
#25 to #20 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
Well, just by being elected he's improved America's worldwide image,and for the record, he's not Bush.
#33 to #20 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
For the record, with Bush as a leader all you Americans looked like were a bunch of self centered idiots who couldn't push a damn red button even if it meant to save your own ass O_O
For the record, I too do not understand how Obama got that Prize but I guess #25's last comment might be the reason XD
#28 to #20 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
this is kind of like saying to a murder "hey, atleast he isn't hitler, so he is a good guy"
#27 to #20 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
i liked bush better, at least our image was a country that would hit the red button for no reason, the world feared us when we gave the dooms day button to bush, now we look like we have a bush in out pants
#14 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
Basically, he said that he 'Intends' on making peace or something like that and he get the Nobel award
#6 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
What exactly did he do to deserve this?
#10 to #6 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
Nothing at all
#61 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
obama deserves jaack **** . he has doubled the number of people into iraq, he has put this country around 700 billion dollars in debt. how is that peaceful and how is that suppose to change our economy or help our country. and NOO THIS IS NOT RACIST!!!!! **** !!!
#67 to #61 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
I actually think you've gotten it backwards. He's taking a lot of people OUT of Iraq, and putting some of them back into Afghanistan, you know, the country that caused 9/11. The fact with the debt is, we're already about 1,000,000,000,000 (that's one trillion folks) dollars in debt. and the stimulus bill was to help give people jobs.
#72 to #61 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
he woulda guets so many political people were on funnyjunk
#79 to #61 - xCHINGCHINGx (10/10/2009) [-]
actually he was going to take out more people, but last week when there was that whole, massive move by al queda and they all pretty much attacked at once, obama sent alot more troops in!
#129 - ZeroTanAllIrish **User deleted account** (10/10/2009) [-]
He is a tard.
#26 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
i should have so many noble prizes if that were the case
#84 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
The only thing obama deserves is to be impeached. He is destroying the already ****** up economy, making taxpayers pay till there broke, Keeping our troops in the middle east, and making racist moves. Cash for Clunkers good? NOT! its a hoax. yea you get up to 4500 bucks off but you still have to pay the 10k 15k dollars for the actual car thus putting the people who bought the car in to more debt. Its not good for the environment eather because even if you save gas the batteries you dispose from the hybrid cars equal all the gas you used. Healthcare gives lazy homeless people free healthcare and insurance while the rest of us pay more and get less. Were a CAPITALIST society, not a communist/socalist society. Obama lovers, you ****** us over
#135 to #84 - walmartpimpin (11/23/2009) [-]
damn right Anon I never voted for him in the first place I wish I had a picture of that guy who was dressed up as him last halloween holding a coffee can and a sign that says I want change .

Oh Well at least I got a picture of the Next Govt Motors Program
#89 to #84 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
i love you man....
#96 to #84 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
ok, to spend money you need to make money, bush ****** it up first its basically beyond all repair friend, it was bushes idea to invade iraq and its more difficult than you think to get them out buddy, your ignoranc is saddening, please go kill your dumbass as quickly as possible
#101 to #84 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
The ones getting taxed heavier are nowhere near going broke. The troops in the middle east are in the process of being pulled back, it has been less than a year, give it some time. Why do you automatically assume that if you are poor you are lazy? The reason most peopel can not find jobs is becasue most jobs in america nowadays are what they call "skill postions". You can not just walk in from the street and be qualified for a job right off the bat anymore. Oh and anyone who thinks that the president can turn us into a socialist country in four years has never taken a government class. Im not really a fan of obama but I think that he is doing a decent job considering what he has to deal with. He has done nothing worthy of impeachment.
#93 to #84 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
plus one internet to you good sir
#97 to #84 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
atleast #84 lists facts rather than just saying how angry he...
User avatar #35 - cougarmelon (10/09/2009) [-]
...i remember when you actually had to do something more than be a black president to win a nobel peace price...what the **** went wrong?
#41 to #35 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
yeah universal health sure did work in canada, he done great. and plus ******* , he got the award for nuclear war prevention or somthign stupid like that
#46 to #35 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
I'm confused. when i dislocated my knee, and was completely immobilized, it makes me a retard for calling an ambulance...?
#39 to #35 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
Hmm let me think...OH RIGHT, starting a good healthcare system that's totally doing nothing at all.
#48 to #35 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
Did I say that? If you were to read correctly you would see I used the word charged. Which means we (in canada) don't pay for a damn ride to the hospital in an ambulance.
#45 to #35 - anon (10/09/2009) [-]
Universal healthcare does work very well in canada. We don't wait hours upon hours in an emergency, we get help when we need it, we aren't charged for an ambulance ride (the epitome of retarded) and nuclear war prevention is stupid now is it?
#127 - anon (10/10/2009) [-]
yeahhh, but you know the nobel peace prize is almost as fixed as the VMA's. remember when al gore won for making some bitchy documentary (manbearpig?) over the lady who rescued jewish children from concentration camps during the Holocaust?
User avatar #126 - Mahazama (10/10/2009) [-]
wow... I bet you even Muammar Gaddafi is more qualified to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.
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