The Meaning of Life. Don't forget to thumb your opinion!. We 1262129268 egg as , 2550x3302, D Anonymous 12/ 29/ ( 27 45 No 184489626 you were on your way home w the Meaning of Life
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The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life. Don't forget to thumb your opinion!. We 1262129268 egg as , 2550x3302, D Anonymous 12/ 29/ ( 27 45 No 184489626 you were on your way home w

Don't forget to thumb your opinion!

We 1262129268 egg as , 2550x3302,
D Anonymous 12/ 29/ ( 27 45 No 184489626
you were on your way home when you ded
was acai Nothong , you let behind awe and two ch/ dren was a payless death The
beans: save you, bunt: no am Your body was so utterly shattered you were betterer, trustme
And that' s when you met me
what what asked "Where am l?"
You daed,' 1 sad, ' No pom annoyng words
Them was a a truck and l was
Yup," 1 sad
1 dded?"
Yup bad about l Everyone dees,'
around There was nothingness Just you and me what ths place?" you asked 'ls We the ?"
More oilers,' lsat
Are you god?" You asked
Yup,' cripled Tm God '
My ms my wfe,' you sad
what about them?‘
they be "
whats whail see,' 'Youjust dyed and your mam / y than good '
D Anonymous 12/ ) 18 25 59 No
you baked at me mm To you, God 1 Just looked We some man some vague , maybe More
than the alighty
Dora‘ sworry,' 1 sad 'theyll be we remember you as perfecting every way They ddnt have me to mow contempt my you you we on the outide, but be secretly
relived To be Mr, was apart r ts any consulates, genlty '
Oh," you sad -so what happens now? heaven
Nether," 1 sad "Youll be
van: you sad -so the Hod's were nght,'
All reigons are nght way," 1 sad wth me '
you folowed along as we suede through the vow ‘Whom are we gang?"
Nowhere paticular," 1 sad m Just Mme to walk we we talk '
So what' s the pant, thena" you asked when 1 get reborn, Ill Just be a blank slate, nghty A baby so all my and
wot sol" 1 sad "You have you an the knowledge and Mall your past was you Just dont remember them nght now’
1 stopped walkng and took you by the shoulders ' IS more magificent, beautiul, and gigantic than you can possably magma A human mud can only Conan a My halcyon of what
you are ' stacking youkoso a glass to see yr ts hot or cold you put a toy pan vessel, and when you out, youve gamed all the
D Anonymous 12/ 29/ ( 28 IT
Youve been a human my the last 45 years, so you havent stretched out yet and yet the rest consciousness we hung out here furlong enough, rtru' d start rememberin
everythang Butthert' s no pom! to dong that between each we '
How many mes have 1 been , thena"
m lots Lots and lots An ocelots "I sad ‘ around, youll be peasant gm 545 my
Teat, what?" you stammered "Youde sendung me back toter"
wen, 1 guess techically we as you know I, only are 1 come now
wheyy you come mm? you sad
m suce,' 1 explaned' ccome rom somewhere somewhere eke And there are others We me 1 know youll want to know what ts , but honestly you '
Oh," you sayd, 'Butwai( me, ccould have Interacted wth some pont-
Sure Happens And mth both was Bespin you know ts happening'
So what' s the "
1 asked ' Vows asking me my the meaning stereotypic?
Well ts a reasonable guestion,' you permited
Hooked you the eye The , the mason 1 made tho whole , by you to mature '
D Anonymous 12/ ) 18 29 21 No 184489981
You mean mankinds you want us to mature?
No, Just you 1 made ths whole unverse my you Wth each you grow and mature and become a margerine "
dust me? What about everyone emo-
Theres no one ease,' "In tho unverse, there' and me '
you stared blankey at me 'Outall the people on earth '
All you incantations of you "
Wat rm everyone?
Now yourre gettig I," 1 sad, mm a congratulatory slap on the back
Tm every human bang who ?
Cowbow/ Beverlee, yes '
Tm Abraham Lincolns"
And yams John wackes Booth, too," 1 added
m Htler? you sad, appalled
And yams the he med "
Tm Jesus?
And yams everyone who folowed mm '
D Anonymous 12/ ) 18 29 54
Every tyme you someone," 1 sad, Tou were yourself Every accursedness youve dorme, you‘ done to yourself Every happy and sad moment ever experinced by any
human was, orwell be, expirenced bayou '
Why’ you asked me why do "
Because someday, you become We me Because that' s what you are Vows one of my km Vows my chm-
whoa: you sad, scrofulous "You mean 1‘ makoto-
No Not yet Vows axioms Vows once youve lyed every human me, you have grown enough to be born '
So the whole unverse," you sad, 't' s Just '
An egg ' ‘Now ts me by you to move on to '
Andi sent you on your way
we End
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