How to be a pokemon master step 3. This is the third. I didnt really like the second one myself. this one is better.<br /> Credit and skit: /youtube/45778 How to be a Pokemon master
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How to be a pokemon master step 3

How to be a
The path to being a pokemon master can be
lonely at times, For that reason, you will
want to build a team to accompany you on
your quest,
When chosing you cast of friends, be
sure to include stereotypes that will
offset your boring personality,
Half naked love
And dont forget that
perverted man of
color to keep that
racial balance,
Now that you have some trusted
friends, its time to take on the
world. But, where do you start?
In order to be a pokemon master, you
will need to battle gym leaders and earn
badges, But dont get ahead of yourself,
before you battle a gym leader, you will
need practice
to be continued,
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