How to be a pokemon master step 1. This is the first of a few steps. there will be more coming.<br /> Credit and skit: /youtube/45778/How+to+be+a+pokemon+ How to be a Pokemon master
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How to be a pokemon master step 1

Meet Ash Ketchum, a 10 year old boy
from Pallet town,
Ash has just completed
the fourth grade and
recieved his pokemon
Congradulations Ash!
You are now old enough to drop out of
school to become a Pokemon trainer.
What? You want to stay in school?
That' s ridicule's Reading and writing is
second to eternal glory! Now its time for
step number one...
First time trainers recieve a
pokemon from Professor Oak,
You have recieved
Pikachu, the least
masculine of all first time
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