10 Amazing Coincidences pt. 2. funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/588863/10+Amazing+Coincidences+pt+3/. Amazing Confidences Pt. 2 In I 353, Robert Fallon was shot dea whoah coincidences
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10 Amazing Coincidences pt. 2

Amazing Confidences Pt. 2
In I 353, Robert Fallon was shot dead, an act cl: vengeance
by those with whom he was Playing Poker. Fallon, they
claimed, had won the 1: 600 Pot through cheating. With
Fallows seat empty and none cl: the other Players willing to
take the 1: 600 they Found a new Player to take
Fallows Place and staked him with the dead man' s 1: 600. by
the time the Police had arrived to investigate the k’ igtg, the
new Player had turned the 1: 600 into 52, 200 in winnings.
The Police demanded the oru"
Fallows next cl: kin r only to discover that the new Player
rial 1: 600 to Pass on to
turned out to be Fallows son, who had notsain his Father in
seven years.
Allan Poe, wrote a book called ‘The
narrative J Arthur Gordon Pym’. It was about
Four sun/ J a shipwreck who were in an
open boat For many days before they decided
to kill and eat the cabin boy whose name was
Richard Parker. some years later, in 1884, the
yawl, Mignonette, Foundered, with only Four
survivors, who were in an open boat For many
days. [eventully the three senior members J
the crew, killed and ate the cabin boy. The
name J the cabin boy was Richard Parker.
In 1975, Irv was in London to coverted
coronation J II. In one ofthe drawers in his
room at the Savoy he Found Found some items that, by
to a man named Harry
Plenum. coincidentally, Harry Plenum, was a good
Friend of ' s. but the story has yet another
twist. Just two days later, and before he could tell
of his lucky discovery, received a
Hannan. In the letter, Hannan told
that while staying at the Hotel Maurice in Paris, he
Found in a drawers tie A with (' s name on it.
In Beatrice, Nebraska, on March l,
I gyo, all church choir members
scheduled to Practice
arrived late. Each memberfag various
reasons Forceing tardy were unrelated.
but it was a lucky escape. At 7: 20 the
church was by a gas
Thomas _)emmerson crafted the
Declaration or , showing
drafts J it to John Adams, who (with
Benjamin Franklin) helped to edit and
hone it_ The document was approved by
the Continental Congress on July l,
Surprisingly, both _Jefferson and
Adams died on the same day, July 4,
I no r exactly 50 years From the signing
oi the Declaration oi .
On December tth , a ship sank in the
straights or Dover- the only survivorman noted to
be Hugh Williams,
On tth December , another ship sank in the
same waters e lost their lives, the only survivor
was noted to be Hugh Williams
on sell August , a PICNIC boat capsized on
the Thames a there was one - Hugh
on loch July , a British
destroyed by a German mine a only two men
survived, one man and his nephew a they were both
called Hugh Williams,
Mr McDonald was a Farmer
who lived in Canada e nothing
extradordinary in that - until
you learn that his Postcode
contained the letter "T""""
A , year old pupil at
Wickles, was to r, it his ",
name was , ryersl __
lulu , Paper
rs: Fr: rcn ct wag 00].
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#41 - ShatOnATurtle **User deleted account** (07/05/2010) [+] (16 replies)
You think Hugh Williams would have learned not to go in boats
#45 to #41 - hughwilliams **User deleted account** (07/05/2010) [-]
but i love boats.
User avatar #90 - waitwhoisthat (07/05/2010) [+] (4 replies)
Old McDonald had a farm EIEIO
And on this farm he had Eh Moose EIEIO
With a... goddamn Canadian farms
User avatar #267 - SpinningPahntom (07/06/2010) [-]
-changes name to hugh williams- TO THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE!
User avatar #101 - eleanorhowe (07/05/2010) [+] (6 replies)
I don't get the Mr McDonald one :/
User avatar #111 to #101 - NotNinja (07/05/2010) [-]
******* O
User avatar #358 - Powerbeef (07/06/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Maybe Hugh Williams is just a terrorist.
User avatar #293 - TehMoose (07/06/2010) [-]
wales finally gets a shout out, reply to this if your american and you know where wales is!
#84 - FJPopo **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #72 - blehdude (07/05/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan: Change name to Hugh Williams.
User avatar #71 - Lie (07/05/2010) [-]
I can't thumb this either way because I can't ******* read it. Pick better colors next time, not ones that will make my eyes bleed.
User avatar #34 - OMGCAA (07/05/2010) [-]
Morals: Don't go to church. Be named Hugh Williams and not Richard Parker.
User avatar #383 - cuboner (07/06/2010) [+] (7 replies)
**cuboner rolls 77** **** it, doubles and i pop my sunburn with rubberband
User avatar #189 - Syvar (07/06/2010) [+] (3 replies)
Too bad that's not a real Canadian postal code... But V4G 1N4 is! It's in my city, too XD
User avatar #181 - MaxTheCow (07/06/2010) [+] (5 replies)
.... Canadian postal codes contain SIX characters, not 5 :/
#273 - welshsheepbaaa **User deleted account** (07/06/2010) [+] (2 replies)
james bond?
#251 - Mashyuu **User deleted account** (07/06/2010) [-]
So now you know, never get on a boat with Hugh Williams.
#202 - Saxxy **User deleted account** (07/06/2010) [+] (4 replies)
i find it really hard to believe any of that
User avatar #172 - Obscurity (07/05/2010) [+] (1 reply)

You woulda thought Hugh Williams would have learned that it's a good idea for him to avoid boats.

User avatar #127 - soiherduliekmudkip (07/05/2010) [+] (2 replies)
the upside down 6 on the card is backwards. fail.
User avatar #120 - Petroleum (07/05/2010) [-]
I should change my name to Huge Williams, I travel overseas alot :o
User avatar #102 - Sidrikubalumweasel (07/05/2010) [-]
in 2010
desend got thousands of thumbs
everyone missed the thmub down button
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