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(10/08/2009) [-]
....Ok....lets see...
Evolution...is stupid...couple points....their is not vestigial organs or body parts...appendix helps with infection tail bone holds muscles to help you take a dump......
No one knows exactly how old the world is...i think about 6,000 years...carbon dating is flawed ... you first have to assume the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is a constant which they have sense they wont believe its not millions of years old...Sigh...
And most importantly of all .....THIS IS FUNNY JUNK!!!!! WTF YALL DOING HAVE ACTUAL DISCUSSIONS!!!!

You Should Be Ashamed Of Your Selfs
#178 to #162 - anon id: 120393db
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(10/08/2009) [-]
no vestigal organs? are you serious, a whale has hind legs for **** sake, a giraffe has a vegas nerve (from brain to the throat, which is 2 inches away) that goes down the neck and around the main artery and back up the neck, over 9ft of USELESS NERVE
#167 to #162 - anon id: bf059568
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(10/08/2009) [-]
appendix helps with infection?
appendesitis isnt a good thing son (even if it does help like you say it still does more harm then good)
and carbon dateing has nothing to do with whats in the air, its whats in creature, and would stay roughly the same irrigarless of whats in the air
basicly your grasping at straws... poorly made, defective straws (and i havnt even looked up your tail bone thing)
#165 to #162 - anon id: 45bb8eb2
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(10/08/2009) [-]
Same could be proven for Religion, because quit a few stories in bible can be proven impossible