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User avatar #135 - Zane (10/07/2009) [-]
Person 1: Dude this little *******
Person 2: Whoa, whoa, whoa, ur going to hell for saying that.
Person 1: What about you? You killed and raped 3 innocent girls
Person 2: No, I'm going to heaven. I REPENTED.
#127 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
why take it off?
can't some people handle the truth?

if that makes some people uncomfortable, try being an athiest (like myself) and
having to listen to people feel sorry for you about not "finding god".
#141 to #127 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
13 and agnostic. imagine it for me. -_-
#133 to #127 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
14 years old and an atheist and people confuse me for a satinst and it pises me off
#197 - Rascal (10/16/2009) [-]
Dude, I'm an atheist and all but we don't have to make fun of people who believe in something bigger than ourselves. It gives hope to them, to believe that this isn't it, that we will keep living after death. I, for one think nothing of it and choose to avoid topics of religion. Whatever they believe is their choice, don't make fun of them because of what they believe.
#142 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
#137 Continued:
The beginning as religion states started approximately 5000-10,000 years ago. So, then what of the countless archeological discoveries dating past then? Did some prominent being just put fossils of dinosaurs in the ground for man's pleasure of digging them up? With time paradox here on Earth (in this case, viewing the past by watching distant stars, since light takes time to get to Earth, depending on how many light years away, we can see that far into the past. Example: Sirius which is a little over 8 light years away, we are seeing it as it was slightly over 8 years ago as it takes that long for light to get to Earth.) By doing this we can see millions if not billions o years into the past, before the "creation of Ea
#171 to #142 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
because there is a devil. and god gave us free will
#146 to #142 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
i agree and disagree with comment 136. i am a doctor, and i strongly believe in science. but the more i understand the human body through
science and the mechanism by which we exist, the more i suspect that perhaps there is something out there that creates. regardless of the
creation being what we see today of what we evolved from. science gives credit to the processes in our body to enzymes and chemicals; we
speak of their actions as if they where individuals with minds and instructions. ex: "infection forces endothelial cells to present
integrins on their cell surface... neutrophils use INF and C5A as chemotactic markers and find the infection." thats not really a quote, but
a statement like that boggles my m
#148 to #142 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
Btw Religion did not start 5,000 - 10,000 years ago... There are many different types of religion what you are explaining is Christianity that they say the earth was created only a few thousand years ago. This diagram is not with all religions also it is mainly based on that of Christianity which denys the exsistance of anything else... Other religions such as Buddhism does not.
#151 to #142 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
if there really is a god...and i'm not contridicting anyone but if there really is a god then why is tere hunger and starvation? answer me that
User avatar #153 to #142 - SeekayFilms (10/08/2009) [-]
I'll prepare myself for thumbs down, but here's my response to #151: First, it's possible that God has reasons for letting evil exist that we can't understand. Second, God may be letting evil run its course to prove that evil is malignant and that suffering, which is the unfortunate product of evil, is further proof that anything contrary to God's will is bad, harmful, and leads to death. Third, God gave Adam (the first man created) dominion over the world. But then Adam rebelled against God, bringing sin into the world.

Basically, it's because of our sin that there is suffering in the world. God made a perfect paradise, but we ruined it. But I'm NOT saying man was a mistake.
#155 to #142 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
I used to be a christian up untill about a year ago, and just out of curiosity, do you believe the bible literally, or theoretically,because if you believe it literally, how did 3 men and one women (1 man too old and the others were the mothers son) populate the earth, when incest is a sin?
#158 to #142 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
Adem did not rebel Eve did and she was temped by the devil and if god made the garden you did he let the devil in if not to temp them. If god is all knowing he would have known that free will and the temptation from the devil would create sin. also if god has a plan for all of us and his plan for eve must have been to eat the apple or then he has no plan for any of us. therefor it was not people who sined it was god making people sin.
#152 to #142 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
because if all our problems were solved, then life as we know it would be extremly wothless. we wouldnt work for what we need and having challenges is a huge part of life.
User avatar #159 to #142 - SeekayFilms (10/08/2009) [-]
Because the world was already sinful. =P
#150 to #142 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
#142 response to #148
True, I overlooked that.
User avatar #69 - skullboy (10/07/2009) [-]
i think we can all agree on is that if there was only ever 1 religion there would be alot less war in the world but there would still be something to fight over so can people stop fighting on funnyjunk so that you dont rune it for people that are actually here for the pics and vids cause i think lots of people are tried of it but hey im not just totaly for the fights to stop just make sure there funny and if you actually read this then you missed out on a pic maybe 2 so :P
#137 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
In theory, religion was created to better understand our universe from our limited perspective. But it also had byproduct in which monarchs took full advantage of: It made people work harder, and abide by laws in fear of not going to Heaven. They enforced religion as a means of spreading their control and population (some religions require a certain number of children.) Though religion gives people a sense of cosmic purpose and the commandments give them reasonable rules to govern themselves, it has also done just as much harm. People used to use religion to justify for slavery, control, and (though not in all cases) money.
Religion-or some prominent being-has never proven existence beyond the understanding of Science.

#138 to #137 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
win o.o
#143 to #137 - jctomlinson (10/08/2009) [-]
I personally would rather govern myself based on the desire to be a decent person, and not based on fear, especially if it is a fear on which there is no proof and no one has ever witnessed. And of course the harm you mention in the above comment (#137).
#51 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
I seriously don't get it. People fight over religion all the time, and for what? To simply say that you fought over an opinion and accomplished literally nothing except violating the American constitutional amendment, "Freedom of Speech."
The main fact that we are allowed to have our own opinions comes with the responsibility to respect the opinions that others have. Everyone who tries to tell somone who is christian that their stupid is an idiot, they are lucky themselves that they have the right to NOT believe in God.
Plus, with the right to have our own opinions, clearly not everyone is going to have the same one. So why fight? It's senseless.
#58 to #51 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
This, entirely
#93 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
"A Muslim walks into a bar.....", Christans laugh. "God said to Jesus-" Christans cut you off right there, tell you you're going to hell for 1 tiny joke, and you should let a book dictate your life.
#102 to #93 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
I always loved that joke! :D
#94 to #93 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
3 guys run into a bar the 4th one ducked
#107 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
lol so true
User avatar #114 - cougarmelon (10/07/2009) [-]
Feed Me
User avatar #5 - nightcrawlr (10/07/2009) [-]
Haha funny
#163 - Rascal (10/08/2009) [-]
alot of the time poeple reading the bible think all the things in it are literal....
User avatar #27 - Saint (10/07/2009) [-]
People get religion all wrong. They don't shun all outside ideas, they simply don't believe all of them, in the same way some of you don't believe in some reiligions.
#32 to #27 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
nope. Not believing in dinosaurs is just stupid..... I mean we have their bones and such and somehow they don't exist to you?
#42 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
many devout people spend all that time and money for "god" which no one can prove it exists, with that time and money religious people spend, it could be used for improving medicine and science which has helped man-kind in so many ways, and it pisses me off whenever people come to my door asking me to convert to Christianity or some other religion
#47 to #42 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
in a never ending universe that has an infinite amount of space, it is impossible for everything NOT to be in it. Say you have a video game, the character of the videogame would have to exist.
Congratulations, science, you just disproved yourself...
#45 to #42 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
good point, but there logic is that if you cant disprove it it must be real
#2 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
The right side seems easier. I think i'll go with that.
User avatar #6 to #2 - byakko (10/07/2009) [-]
Of course...Ignorance is always easier
#33 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
religion has killed more people than like anything else. for thousonds of years people have been slaughterd beacsue of religion. if it so good why does it kill millions of people
#52 to #33 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
your a dumbass veitnam ww2 ww1 not over religoin
#66 to #33 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
WWII had a **** load to do with religion.
#46 to #33 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
and you 36 act like science didn't create medicine or that people have been killing other people in the name of religion for thousands of years
#36 to #33 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
you act like we didnt use science to make nuclear bombs, and the high tech guns and drones we use in wars today. think before you speak kid
#48 to #33 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
number 36, you sir are retarded. And BTW the nuke in japan saved more Americans than it killed Japs.
#39 to #33 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
they all like allah!!!!! then boom they make themselves exploed. then were like evil muslims so we boom them then they just like well **** lets go hide in caves and hid for a couple years then fight like little pussies. WORD.
#44 to #33 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
not all muslims are like that only a small group of extremists
#67 to #33 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
Damn nature, you scary
#37 to #33 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
Religion has started all of the major wars of the past few hundred years or is exploited by religious people :)
#38 to #33 - Rascal (10/07/2009) [-]
uhh, why do youthink wars start #36, most of the time its religion

#43 to #33 - AuguryofChaos **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#99 - ZeroTanAllIrish **User deleted account** (10/07/2009) [-]
Instead of saying "faith" it should say "Blind Faith," that's what that is.
User avatar #16 - spectre (10/07/2009) [-]
He's mocking religion because it's been proven to be **** but ********** can't see the truthe.
User avatar #22 to #16 - discostu (10/07/2009) [-]
Whats the point of wasting your life to ruin others? if you actully proved EVERYTHING how would the world act? Are they going to go and destroy the Great pyrimds or all the other relgious monuments? I dont think so. But if you want to be an asshole to almost all of humanity go ahead ill just leave peoples relgion alone
User avatar #1 - authornotartist (10/07/2009) [-]
THIS ROCKS! More people need to see it.I will tweet the link xxx
User avatar #101 - ninjasaywhat (10/07/2009) [-]
Faith is a false sence of hope. lol
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