10 things that piss me off. ANIME SPONGEBOB ---> /funny_pictures/574144/Anime+spongebob/. IO. When people ask you whats wrong when your upset and they ke 10 things that piss me off ANIME SPONGEBOB ---> /funny_pictures/574144/Anime+spongebob/ IO When people ask you whats wrong when your upset and they ke
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10 things that piss me off

IO. When people ask you whats wrong when
your upset and they keep bugging you untill
you tell them. Leave me the fuck alone
9. When someone draws a picture and they
say ' sucks' just to make you say Woo, it' s
really goodl'
8. When someone tickles me and they don' t
stop, yes it funny for the first 3 seconds, but
keep going and ima fucking punch you.
I When Peic) ple Like Dis And dey
Tink . No it' s not gangster you
fucking moron, it makes you look like an
uneducated dipshit.
S. When fat people order a big mac meal with
a diet coke. Yeah, going for a diet coke aint
gonna make you drop IO pounds fatass.
5. Teens who go to parties, drink half a bottle
of 3% alcohol and act like pans hilting. Then
the next day put the pictures of them drinking
the alcohol on facebook. So hard.
4. When your looking for something and
someone says 'Where did you last put it? If
I knew that, don' t you think i' d be looking
there you fucking retard.
3. Chain letters. Send this to 10 people and
you will get kissed by the one you love this
friday? This just shows how desperate you
are to get kissed, Stupid Motherfucker.
2. When you' re having the most peaceful
sleep and then BOOM, someone hits the
light switch and they don' t wen turn it off.
Take it off or I swear ima go Bruce Lee on
your stupid ass.
1. And here it is my friends, the number one
The Fugly, Sparkly, Square headed
faggot that emery girl seems to go ape shit
for. No, he is not a real vampire. No he is
not sexy. And no he isn' t a gentle, kind,
flawless, romantic, dream boy. its called
makeout and a script bitches.
Thanks for reading guys, hope you liked it l
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