LFG. lets see how many people know who this is.. Richard ftw!!!! LFG comics
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#4 - John Cena (06/28/2010) [-]
That's the high priest guy, with Richard, Chief Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness, Lord of the Thirteen Hells, Master of the Bones, Emperor of the Black, Lord of the Undead, Lord of the Dance, Mistress of Magma, mayor of a little village up the coast riding on his back. AS IT WAS WRITTEN SO IT SHALL BE!
User avatar #5 to #4 - Kelech (06/28/2010) [-]
nice one anon
User avatar #3 - Pedopotato (06/28/2010) [-]
Richard ftw!!!!
#2 - John Cena (06/28/2010) [-]
#1 - John Cena (06/28/2010) [-]
its a rabbit
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