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User avatar #76 - bouchedag (06/25/2010) [-]
38KKK bra? I thought it was only black people who had big breasts.
#86 to #76 - LulzKitty **User deleted account** (06/25/2010) [-]
soooo not true. my breasts are 48DD and 100% natural, and i'm NOT black at all.
User avatar #117 to #86 - bouchedag (06/25/2010) [-]
Really? Because you look kinda black in your avatar. :P
#121 to #117 - LulzKitty **User deleted account** (06/25/2010) [-]
yeah, really. how the hell do i look black? i've always been pretty pale. i mean, i have dark hair and i used paint to draw whiskers and a cat nose on the pic, but other than that, i'm pale.
User avatar #122 to #121 - bouchedag (06/26/2010) [-]
I'm just messing with you lol. rawr
#90 to #86 - John Cena (06/25/2010) [-]
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