Have you ever. . .. From the wonderful mind of Kevin L.<br /> Part 2 as requested /funny_pictures/536734/Have+you+ever+Part+2/<br /> Part 3 /funny_p Have you ever From the wonderful mind of Kevin L <br /> Part 2 as requested /funny_pictures/536734/Have+you+ever+Part+2/<br 3 /funny_p
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Have you ever. . .

someone out by putting koolkiid
powder in their ?
wondered how there are TRILLIONS of stars in
the universe and most of them have planets,
yet some people think Earth is the ONLY one
with life?
wondered if you were gay or not so you
looked up gay porn and broke your laptop by
throwing up on it?
pissed yourself while in the shower because
you farted and it sounded like t" car peeling
shot milk out of your nose because you saw
your friend shoot milk out of his nose because
someone made him laugh?
wondered why people think it necessary to
spell the word as
noticed that most people bash on Robert
Pattinson instead of Stephenie Meyer EVEN
though she wrote the book and he was just
doing assjob?
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