Little mermaid penis.. I swear to one of hinduism's gods/godesses that this is not photoshop.. PINGAS! Penis little mermaid cover Go check for Yourself
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#6 - anon (10/03/2009) [-]
#5 - anon (09/26/2009) [-]
i actually own the original VHS one with the penis in the castle. lol its hilarious. My father was wondering why it go recalled.
#4 - anon (09/26/2009) [-]
Yeah i heard theres this thing with the Disney directors and in every movie theres a refrence to sex somewhere...check carful...for an example in one of the lion kings in the smoke it says sex....i saw that before knowing of the whole refrence to sex in each movie thing.
#3 - anon (09/26/2009) [-]
It isn't photoshopped, i have this case. My grandma bought it for us when i was a kid and we have always had it, the controversy came up quite awhile ago and now the original cases are worth quite a bit...
#2 - TDGSeal (09/25/2009) [-]
actually, it's a serious innuendo. In the marriage scene the priest gets a boner if you go frame by frame.
#1 - anon (09/25/2009) [-]
I heard about this on Snopes. I think it's just a matter of opinion.
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