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User avatar #66 - ButteredToast (06/15/2010) [-]
Guys. Funnymad DOES NOT EXIST! Check google, cause I couldn't find it. People are just feeding of our anger for precious thumbs.
User avatar #78 to #66 - JackSchidt (06/15/2010) [-]
and you must have done something wrong. i just went to google, and in the search box typed " funnymad.com& quot; and it was the top result
User avatar #75 to #66 - JackSchidt (06/15/2010) [-]
yes, it does
i went there today to see if my pics had been stolen. it is indeed a real site. just cuz it didnt show up on google doesnt mean it doesnt exist.
User avatar #74 to #66 - slainbybullet (06/15/2010) [-]
it shows up in yahoo
User avatar #73 to #66 - slainbybullet (06/15/2010) [-]
it takes time for a search engine such as google to find a site, but the question is, did you check every search engine?
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