Trolling<br /> Part 2 is on the way! Might take about a week... thanks guys!. Welcome to . o trolling funny owned
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Trolling<br /> Part 2 is on the way! Might take about a week... thanks guys!. Welcome to . o<br />
Part 2 is on the way! Might take about a week... thanks guys!

Welcome to . ord chat.
A w I be w h you shortly.
Aden: [John] rs reedy to isms! you.
Jot: Hence
Jot: How ere you?
Me: Good end yourserf?
Jot: " great, thanks
Jot: we mugs you to morinin. ord ere: today’?
l Wen we do: e ques: Ion. rm ewes! sure about sun: endind over, bu: we do: one dues: Ion
John: may do ahead
l - Ii I beome e Mormon, Is ii we I have to shave my pubes " Que than to my ears, "
an odd numbered days, never have sex age!!! unless ITS non , eat egee: ronies so the dew
peopie em: have them, burn an '. we ever owned rebe: Arnd to an: ney Spears, no mes: unbe: Ind mm
inn. end worst oi an I have to yuan e day to the oi commee: Ion.
Me Wen what exei: does ME e Mormon en: ?
John Wen ii means you ere swan oi the of Jesus Ohms! oi :: erday SENS end you We your
We ndn: enuity end iknow one ways oi Jesus ems, end way one fumes: of HIS (Bosnia! In your ‘Ive.
Me: so Mormons heave In one Swami summond oi Jesus &
John we beileve In one Swami Calming oi Jesus Omsk.
Me Where (M ii Cam'
John. I: hair?! reopened yet.
Me: w: you beileve res edmond?
John Yes
Me Is there any proof that be en ewe been?
Me. Ii no: ms lands ‘Ike wei: Ind fora bus In one middie oi one desert
John: Wen, He MU we es: Had to have rem. And one we Is proof, as wen es one Book oi Mormon.
Do you beileve res never gonna g“/ e you u?
Never game FT you down?
Never gonna run around end desert you?
Never gonna make you am
Never gonna say good bye?
Never gonna ten e he end mm you?
Wen fuck : than
A remain ye w I be w h you shortly.
Aden: s rcaiy In as (you.
l Hey Seth
Seth Hens: Conan, bow ere you TEEN
l rm doind great
Me: end yourserf?
Seth‘ I em awesome, thanks !
Seth what tunings you we to morinin. ord
l so ten me Seth, who do you ‘Ike bang Mormon?
Seth‘ I engoy ME e member because ii res reps: me to become e better person, end me to
ewe eaiser: o en's: In my We
l he sounds great! Is ii easy to romaine e Mormon?
Seth: you wouid nu: to amend mm us, end FAT what ii Is we beileve
Me Is new en dunes I wouid have m Min’?
Seth res what Is (Lined e e % no one Is pend, so an oi one sen/ we In Is
vokun: ery, end an members have one WNW, of bang awe to =
Me: THIS sounds ‘Ike one permit , ior me mm now. Is everyone eeyep: Ind In one Mormon
Seth we : to be bu: no one Is permit, my do you ask’?
Me sen rm to be bones: em you. we ban vigourously mes: unbe: Ind (NS en: Ire converse: Ion,
Ind ow " merely forewords. I fen e strung betwen one one oi us, even though weve
has to face. I rope you [red one seme way. I M: came buckets ‘Ike I never have before,
end we Many ewe to mam rm W Seth. rm W end on own wouid you ‘Ike to ewe won me "
NS We '@gilla, Noumea?
The chat "c' ' t has ended
to , that
A roman! In wall be mink you shortly.
Aden: [sen s racy to 3: 5" you.
son Hem my name Is sen. How mey I new you?
Me wen, I nu: some hem.
Mn: now rm A women Seth.
A women.
A: one seme :Ime
son was we so
was IT
Welcome to , chat.
A repoman: e: Ive I be w h you shortly.
Aden: [Cohan Nady to ax on you.
coho How mey I rep you?
l Worms, Mod " e second one oven Is . Just one Mormon .
Me. Nah rm . I don: own err oven. That‘: e great we you use ii around one workpiece
some: Ime.
The on sass t has ended.
A repoman: e: rve wall be on you shortly.
Aden: [Andrew] ' may to axis! you.
Me Hence’?
Andrew: Hem my reme Is Andrew.
My HI Andrew
Andrew: How mey I rep you?
Me: I Mai some =
Andrew: on
My rm skunk e: ( deed end rob. I worn ior some s: uped , end I ere: WM : \ e about one
an day. I w: BS% any exercise, end I do reme to e mg oi e we, we SKIN rebuses to We! me m
be nakai, even though I reena don: wen: to rm : about MW, ii an we e dun to one head, (wok
end easy.
My m: ii didn‘ t ram today.
The chat see" t his ended.
so rhea: e mus.
A roman! w I be with you shortly.
Aden: [Andrew] ready to as s: you.
Andrew: Intents, my name Is Andrew.
Andre ow mey I rep you?
l Hey MEM rm refind e W, oi e problem mm now, end rm ior some
Andre . on
l Exersice I was e swan boy, I was very, bow do I W: D . I red (NS nude who wow : every
toupee oi mantra Every: Ime be wank} ewe over, we wank} do may In another room, WM one dooring:.
we wow see who coma W: Chew {aw SUCKS one farthest In eterna: raers mouths, end whoever pad wni: e
iers: won. He aways won, bu: I red inn anyways. wen be stopped ( when I was ( 17 years on end
now I : to w: my [ to may one deme won me, end now I have no [,
The chat sash»: has ended.
Welcome to , that
A : ye w I be w you shortly.
Aden: [Todd] rs eady to anus! you.
Todd "
Todd How can! = you?
My be and
Me so morrning ere one ones that den have mui: eves ndn:?
Todd No rm sorry.
Me Fuck me In one as um e pounder. Rainy’?
Me wow (NS ‘Ike, sinners my en: Ire universe.
The on sash»! has ended.
Welcome to . ord chat.
A M I be w: h y u shortly.
Aden: [Cohan] rs rcaiy to isms! you.
Cullen Hem. my name Is Canon.
Cullen. How mey I = you?
Me HI Coke», we do: e (wok dues: Ion about some: nand I sew on yourse: e
Cullen on
Me: on one :: om oi one ere: We 939%, I sew “Tm: feature Is no: mended ior members oi The oi
Jesus Crows! oi :: erday SENS to Contact members discuss
dues: Ions " persona! me:: ers mm Chew Iona‘
Me How do I bum e Iona‘ Feeder?
Cullen: what’?
Me. How do I bcame e been Feeder? I: sounds We en In: eres: Arnd Tore
Cullen‘ You wow have to be e member oi one
Cullen And even men. than ere comings
Cohan No: sought : er or ior
Me. nmm. How about Sena‘ devours? wow that w: me In do , F,
The on Jason has ended.
Aden: [Joshua] ready to as you.
Joshua: Hem, my name Is Joshua. How mey I rep you?
l - new. my name Is Joshua. How mey I = you?
l l' Ii you do no: reme esses: anee, I ewes: you have ( . Here e: Morinin. ord we ere (mug to
spread one word about Mormons. were no: one rm burners everyone makes us out to be. we Huey
bummed an races, we end Wu%% awe. we ask you to :ene e ‘oak e: our websi: e, end owed: me age!!! I
any dues: Ions arms
hanks you : Ind ourse: e.
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User avatar #81 - taelamin
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(06/15/2010) [-]
**taelamin rolls 975,313,301** Me: so how much is this per minute?
Me: hello?
Me: This is very rude you know
Colton: Howdy Bob!
Colton: This is free :)
Me: oh sweet! Screw the phone, I found a free cybersex website!
Colton: Read this!
*bunch of links*
Me: No, I don't like religious roleplaying
Me: let's act like kittens
#106 to #81 - steindor
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(06/15/2010) [-]
1 internet for you my friend!
User avatar #163 to #81 - MrSuper [OP]
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(06/16/2010) [-]
ahah this'll go in the next one
#72 - Hsieh
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(06/15/2010) [-]
Funnyjunk is now trolling a site in where nobody has done anything to wrong us? C'mon... we can do better than that...
User avatar #84 to #72 - Jakolantern
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(06/15/2010) [-]
stfu and gtfo
User avatar #83 - DroyLinker
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(06/15/2010) [-]
User avatar #82 - TheCommonEnemy
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(06/15/2010) [-]
funniest thing i have seen in a while
#80 - BarbWireBoy
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(06/15/2010) [-]
Mormons...Mormons everywhere...
User avatar #77 - CommanderInKief
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(06/15/2010) [-]
LMAO. best read i've had in a while..
#71 - FloridaStateU **User deleted account**
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(06/15/2010) [-]
"well **** your **** then" almost made me poop
User avatar #68 - TheKyleBroflovskii
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(06/15/2010) [-]
Go on there and tell them you are Joseph Smith and you are a false prophet
User avatar #63 - jinchuuriki
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(06/15/2010) [-]
They caught on to me... FAST i got todd like 4 times
User avatar #62 - scarfaceguy
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(06/15/2010) [-]
omg i just started and i got agent colton :D