Known Facts Proven Wrong Part Two. All I've done with the picture is provide food for trolls.<br /> My Newest Picture: /funny_pictures/522317/Useless+Fact facts Proven wrong
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Known Facts Proven Wrong Part Two

1. When you shave body hair, it grows back
darker and thicker.
when we shave, that hair is already dead.
So, yeah. It won' t have any effect on when it
grows back.
2. Still think you' ll get cramps if you go
swimming right away after eating?
Well, stop. You' re being stupid. Cramps are
caused by overexertion.
3. Daddy Long Legs. Yeah, you all know those
creepy, freaky little bastards. But is their
poison harmful to humans'?
Nope. No, sorry. Stop beliving that. There
have never been any reports of a daddy long
legs bite killing anyone.
This one is dedicate to classicvictory, who brought up the
idea, and Muffin Man, who gave me some into on this.
New you know what rhymes with perms. But
think nothing rhymes with ’? .
will being e dumbbass I see. A "shiieet" is a
word for a femine sheep, used in old .
6. Here' s one I see everywhere. Elephants are
the only mammals unable to jump.
Sooths can' t Jump, 'cause they are lazy
bastards. Rhinos and hippos also can' t jump.
7. One dog year is equal to seven human years.
Ugh, people still believe chilidogs technically
have a very short ‘childhood‘ and a long adult
hood, making comparison impossible.
There, part two.
Door Hinge' does not rhyme with orange! The
sounds are off. Nurple is not a word.
This post is deicated to chrispbacon and
because they were quoting 'The
Jabberwocky." :D
Or you can continue to be a little fucker. Make
me mad, don' t care about ' s intelligence. Be
that way.
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