Part 3 Xzibit vs. Depressing Latvian. Part 1 /funny_pictures/511526/Xzibit+vs+Depressed+Latvian/<br /> Part 2 /funny_pictures/514033/Round+2+Xzibit+vs+Dep Part 3 Xzibit vs Depressing Latvian 1 /funny_pictures/511526/Xzibit+vs+Depressed+Latvian/<br /> 2 /funny_pictures/514033/Round+2+Xzibit+vs+Dep
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Part 3 Xzibit vs. Depressing Latvian

One can read, one
can write and
other is secret ,
government police
hired to kill the
two intellectuals
Is Latvian
I Please let me
39 5, in, is cold and
daughter dying
t , of hypothermia
Latvia is located between Estonia and Lithuania
Yo Dawg, why did the C
cross the roar
farm of parents
before Cossacks
slaughtered ,
them. Does
taste like dog?
I just noticed that when I type down here it
looks like Xzibit is reading this
potatoes? My
village is so
poor and
they all ,
starving to
Idea submitted by Tallbeverage
Yo Dawg, I heard you like moults and food so
I made a video of mo eating f you to watch
I hope my '
family" likes]
dark meat
because I' m
going to
fucking kill
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If you guys have any Cokes you would like
to submit please send me a PM and I will
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