Captain Planet. Captain Planet at a B.P. conference.. YOU KNOW WHY HE' S PISSED, !. You could say his anger... puts on sunglasses is SPILLing over. YEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!! captain planet hes our hero
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#1 - JoeyisOffline **User deleted account** (06/11/2010) [-]
You could say his anger...

*puts on sunglasses*

is SPILLing over.

#2 - RorschachJULY **User deleted account** (06/11/2010) [-]
best one ever
User avatar #4 - JohnJohnboy (06/11/2010) [-]
dude its sexual lobster
#3 - JoeyisOffline **User deleted account** (06/11/2010) [-]
why thank you. its my first one ever.
User avatar #7 - cossackwhoop (09/14/2013) [-]
Who does Gooseman represent for?
#6 - John Cena (06/12/2010) [-]
Kinda looks like Chuck Norris is captain Planet
#5 - TCFHC **User deleted account** (06/12/2010) [-]
Protect the environment, or I'll f***ing kill you!
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