Ultimate Rage Guy Collection. Another addition to the "ultimate" series, where I pick the best of the best and compile them for you to enjoy.. rage guy ultimate funny Junk
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#5 - cRookie **User deleted account** (06/23/2010) [-]
#4 - SkullKiidz **User deleted account** (06/10/2010) [-]
This was really good xD
#2 - Theweedman **User deleted account** (06/10/2010) [-]
ha wheel of fortune ftw
#1 - anon (06/10/2010) [-]
Most of these are reposts
#3 to #1 - BoulevardBelle **User deleted account** (06/10/2010) [-]
STFU anon. I haven't seen these in a while, so Idc if they're a repost, and a good handful probably agrees with me.
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