Kanye West Xbox 360. Kanye West. Yo 1153, lin really happ for you and lin gonna let you ? 1: but the xbox 360 IS one of the best game consoles ' of all time... HAHA YESSS!!!! dont even start with the whole xbox fan boy cuz i got both ps3 and 360 and the 360 is much much better so OFF lmao kanye west
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#11 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
dont forget about the xbox's ****** ass failure rate oh AND that 60$ a year for an online suscription that you can also get for FREE on the ps3. just saying :D im ready to be flamed by the xbox fanboys ^_^
#27 to #11 - Rascal (09/16/2009) [-]
Oh no! Xbox Live is $50 a year, how will I ever scrounge up an extra $4 a month to pay for it? My Xbox hasn't failed in 3 years. I own both systems I just prefer 360 because I had it first. I have more games and online friends on it so it is more enjoyable online.
#15 to #11 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
User avatar #18 to #11 - MimiLove (09/15/2009) [-]
hold on hold on anonymous, im hapy for you and ill let u finish but PS3 is better
#3 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
Just one thing for all you ps3 fanboys, the cheapest ps3 with the least features costs the same as the most expensive xbox 360. The elite beats the ps3 slim in everything except number of processors
#12 to #3 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
hmmm im pretty sure it has a hd dvd player if im not mistaken
User avatar #9 to #3 - PANDOOS (09/15/2009) [-]
does the ps3 like viginas didnt think so . xbox is better
#10 to #3 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
The PS3 likes boobs, Xbox likes man ass. ****** jizztit
User avatar #5 to #3 - BloodyCadet (09/15/2009) [-]
360 has been out longer, durrrrr, ps3 has better graphics, and a blu-ray player, does xbox have a blu-ray player? no, didn't think so.
User avatar #2 - detroits ayrab (09/15/2009) [-]
HAHA YESSS!!!! dont even start with the whole xbox fan boy cuz i got both ps3 and 360 and the 360 is much much better so **** OFF lmao
#6 to #2 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
So i got both too, and i play the PS3 more. Don't get me wrong, xbox live FTW, but the PS3 is just funner so if u cant say anything gud about the PS3 dont say **** !!!! douchebag
#26 - Rascal (09/16/2009) [-]
I should have know posting well articulated FACTS about the PS3 would get thumbs down.....when things like " does PS3 like vagina's didn't think so. xbox is better" gets thumbs up..... ******* little kids
#28 - Rascal (09/16/2009) [-]
#31 - MiloPepsi (09/17/2009) [-]
i agree xbox 360 rocks thumbs up if you agree
#4 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
you should have done it the other way around cuz the xbox is whie like Taylor Swift and the Ps3 is black and slow...
Captcha: Rcist
#7 to #4 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
yea except the ps3 is bad and has ****** games
#34 - Rascal (09/18/2009) [-]
this should be the other way around since the PS3 is black and the X Box 360 is white.
#35 to #34 - Rascal (09/19/2009) [-]
#36 to #34 - Rascal (09/24/2009) [-]
i don't think that there is an "e" in "racist"
#37 to #34 - Rascal (10/01/2009) [-]
its because beyonce is black,
taylor swift is..
you know nevermind
#8 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
lol my pc rig beats the **** out of both of them
#13 to #8 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
you're cool.
#32 - Rascal (09/17/2009) [-]
dude hes a ****** ****** DOUCHEBAG beonsay cant make music videos all they are is PORN FOR BLACK KIDS if i was taylor swift i would take that astronaugt and BASH IT AGAINST HIS FOGGOT HEAD and none of them can sing or rap and as for kanya what ever his name is CAN SUCK MY WHITE DICK WILE BIG BUBBAH SODDOMIZES HIM PS. RAP IS THE MOST RETARDED FORM OF MUSIC THERE IS I BET YOU DONT KNOW THIS EITHER RAP STANDS FOR Retards Attempting Poetry
User avatar #38 to #32 - motf (10/08/2009) [-]
**** yer!
#40 to #32 - Rascal (10/23/2009) [-]
**** off you idiot.
#20 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
Xbox 360 use dvd play
PS3 use bluray
which one more futrue
User avatar #17 - Sonos (09/15/2009) [-]
360 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#22 - Rascal (09/16/2009) [-]
lol. all u nerds turned this into an argument about consoles. the points is its kanye, u r supposed 2 be laughing and posting hateful comments about him.
pfft... nerds
User avatar #21 - nivlac (09/15/2009) [-]
netflix on live FTW live arcade FTW easier friends lists FTW better controller FTW no matter how you cut it 360 for the win........ and all you idiots talking about blue ray.... don't you know that the laser uptake is slower? so ps3 has to resort to putting two copies of a game on one blue ray disc to reduce the time it takes to get to the info.... on some larger games the ps3 has to download it entirely to your hard drive to reduce the insane load times. blue ray is a great MOVIE format but a really ****** GAMING format.
#30 to #21 - Rascal (09/16/2009) [-]
at least we can play, half the time your **** is getting fixed
#24 - Rascal (09/16/2009) [-]
Lol it's all about opinions.
#29 - Rascal (09/16/2009) [-]
Of course you all would start a flame war over a ******* joke.
Grow up.
#1 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
BOOOOOOOOOOO,*claps for PS3*
#14 to #1 - Rascal (09/15/2009) [-]
#33 - Rascal (09/17/2009) [-]
#27 hey retard while you are renewing your gay ass online we are purchasing another bad ass ps3 exclusive
User avatar #42 - shadowahedgehog (02/03/2011) [-]
ps3 is the best bitch
User avatar #41 - HeinrichHimmler (01/04/2010) [-]
All PS3 fan boys, I command you to **** off.
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