MORE MORE MORE South Park Easter Eggs. PART 7 IS HERE!<br /> /funny_pictures/494272/Hey+look+More+South+Park+Easter+Eggs/. And Once Again, More South Park south Park Easter Eggs Part six
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MORE MORE MORE South Park Easter Eggs

And Once Again, More South Park Easter Eggs
I' ll start With a suggestion from L,,,_.,,, Mi!
Mohammad Bear AVATAR
Last year, a woman was
arrested her
kids name a teddy bear
Mohammad. In the show,
l they dressed
Numerous media reports say Gibbons was
arrested any allowing Mercia's of . WAEE to
name a teddy '.
Hidden Alien on Charlie Manson' s Forehead.
l In season two' s "Merry
C Christmas Charlie
Manson", Charlie
Manson has a swastika
tattoo on ,
but gets t changed we
smiley face. However,
carchase t
shows him fora second,
and it is an alien It then
returns back to a smiley
I already had this in
here, butthen it was
suggested later by Diary.
Hold him id still mention
him anyway)
in the Season I
episode, "Mecha-
Streisand" Mr. Garrison
has a newspaper at the
very beginning while he
is trying to sleep. Mr
Hankey is on the cover.
Weed on Mr. Garrison' s poster.. plus a grammar fail
In the season 2
episode, "Che?' s
Chocolate Salty
Balls" Mr.
Garrison has a
leaf poster on his
desk with some
t pot on it. Also,
grammar fail. It' s
leaves. You call
yourself a
White Token Part 2
in the seasons episode,
the Succubus", Token
has a little self portrait
on the board in the back
of Mr. Garrison' s room.
He' s white.
in the season 1 episode
3 5 "Damian", which is about
about Satan, the number in
I 8 the back of the classroom say
red, when usually
there' sjust one,
Once again, i had already had this in
here but told me
about l after i it I
told him id mention him
That' s it for part , I' m glad you
guys are liking these so much! And
t an s Ora t e suggestions too! Omega”
love you all :D because he asked first
J. 4 as in is
my home, do you think you n '% n
we always wanted _ " Mat of
having an angina: to the
Wm going to be gone for awhile
tomorrow, so /ll try to get the next
one up tomorrow night sometime.
That is, k
if you want it. -backintheussr
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