MORE MORE South Park Easter Eggs. part 6 is up!!<br /> /funny_pictures/491081/MORE+MORE+MORE+South+Park+Easter+Eggs/. MORE MORE South Park Easter Eggs Thi south Park Easter Eggs Part five
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MORE MORE South Park Easter Eggs

MORE MORE South Park Easter Eggs
This one IS dedicated to
katieroxsox, because I met her
on Omega tonight and she
seems pretty sweet And she
Matt Stone' s Sister
In the episode
Cartman gets an
anal probe",
there is a picture
of Matt Stone' s
sister in
Cartman' s house.
Sexual Spanish Messages
This is on the board in
C HUI’? Mus can (His. the episode, "weight
gain 4000". It is in
No ME I' ) EM spanish.
Us T T T
chupe THIS chi chis"- I
M FEA V sucked my boobs.
Ankh HA. ' "No me toques los
huevos"- don' t touch my
2 balls.
Mi verga es ha y
morena"- my penis is
ugly and brown
Kyle' s Elephant
In the season 14
t episode, "the tale
Kyle has a picture
of his elephant
E from the season I
episode, "An
Elephant Makes
Love To A Pig"
Link From Zelda
in Imaginationland, there is a split
second that Link runs by. I think I more
put this in here cause I' m a Zelda nerd,
but oh well. I guess it hls as an easter
egg f and I' m sure I' m not the only
Zelda nerd on funnyjunk C)
The A Tea m
In the Season 2 episode, "Ike' s
t - Wee Wee", Mr Mackey goes
to Africa and is kidnapped.
Q The whole scene goes pretty
quickly, but if you pause t you
s can see that his kidnappers
a . -generalawesome
Flying Objects In the Cafeteria
in the Season 1
episode "Damian",
there IS a scene in the
cafeteria where he
makes objects gong
flying around the
cafeteria. it you pause
it, you can see some
familiar things.
First, one of the hidden
Also, Mr. Hankey
Well, that' s all I got for part 5. Before I end it though
there' s a couple people I promised I' d acknowledge for
helping me out a little but,
Lilt a
I might put up the next part later today, I need a
little South Park break lol. I hope you guys like this
one like you did the other ones, you guys are
awesome! Thumbs for you too!
Once again, ofthis goes over well, I' ll definitely put
up the next part..
Just motivate me ,h
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