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And now EVEN MORE South Park Easter Eggs

EVEN MORE South Park Easter Eggs
Ronald McDonald Saving Private Ryan
In Imagination Land
part 1, the first time
the terrorist attack,
Ronald McDonald
loses his arm and
walks over to pick it
up in exactly the
same manner as in
the movie "Saving
Private Ryan"
Scott Tenorman?
As ' In the Lord of
flat episode,
Ca 5 when Jimmy
V . g t' l. stays behind
h la , K to attempt
V _ holding back
I l the sixth
I graders, Scott
I , Tenorman is
Abk' s' 1 m w " apart of the
Mary Kay Bergman Memorial
In the season 3 "Mr. Hankey' s Christmas Classic", This was the
year that Mary Kay Berman, who did the original voices of
Principal Victoria, Liane Cartman, Sharon Marsh, Sheila
broflovski, Mrs. McCormick, Nurse Gollum, Wendy Testaburger,
and Mrs. Crabtree committed suicide. They put her characters
singing together as a remembrance of her.
Diary of Anne Frank
In the Episode, "Major Boobage" Cartman hides his cat in
the attic and tells it to write a diary. There is also a
picture of a younger Hitler in the background. In the diary
ofence Frank, she was forced to live in an attic to hide
from Hitler, and she kept a diary.
F n -mmrr
l' m an episode when may nuke or Family my
Animation was, something like mat), when we and
cumin are lighting at FOX studio‘: may mash we a
building when more are long Mme Hill
posters UP. Thart 8
thank you mini will vim hand you Milne in my
King of the Hill
In Cartoon Wars, Kyle
and Cartman get in a
slap fight and crash
through the window of
the King ofthe Hill
Thanks to Falconer!
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cause I ran out of room.
Yes, I still have more, if you
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let me know you want
them though 3 h
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