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Even MORE South Park Easter Eggs

A few MORE South Park Easter E s
Matt stone Trey Parker
Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the creators of South
Park. the show, they throw in references from their
own lives.
Kyle' s parents and Matt stone' s
parents share the same names,
Gerald and Sheila.
Stan' s parents and Trey
Parker' s parents share the
9 same names Randy and
Q Sharon
Liane Cartman
college, Trey Parker was
set to marry is girlfriend,
Liane. The wedding and
honeymoon was all
planned when he caught
her sleeping with another
lathe show, Lane IS a
hermaphrodite, crack
whore, pornstar slut
Revenge much?
The jingle that plays right
afterthe credits while the
Bram Logo on, IS not a
It ls melody from
a song called "
Day" from the musical
Cannibal", which I Trey
Parker' s first film.
Inthe epidosde where
cartman and Kenny build a
clubhouse, some chicks come
Over. one ofthem ls wearing
a shirt that says "Y/ DA" This
is a comedy band Matt and
Trey were m.
the episode that Kyle goes to the the
Passion ofthe Christ, at one port during
the episode Stan says something we,
This isjust Germantime we saw
Baseketball was a movie that Matt Stone
and Trey Parker wrote starred m
Okay, well that' s all the life references I got
for right now. So to end, I' ll throw in a
normal easter egg for you guys. :D
In the season 11 episode,
Dames!", Mrs. German
goes ma lesbian bar The
adress ls 13280, numbers
that resemble, especially
on a calculator, the word
Well, that' s it for part 3. I' m
glad you guys are enjoying
these. I still have more, so as
motivate me.
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