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A few more South Park Easter Eggs

A few more South Park Easter Eggs..
Before I get started, I' d just like to clarify that I know I messed up the date on the
last one, it was 1: 30 in the morning and I wasn' t paying attention to what I was
typing. and that the alphabet does in fact say "oh my god they killed Kenny
bastards" in Spanish. I wasn' t very good in spanish class so I wouldn' t have noticed.
Hidden ’ s
In the episode where an organization called "NAMBLA",
he gets on the internet to meet mature adult friends, who he doesn' t
know are actually pedophiles. After he says he is a young 8 year old
boy looking for a fun time, he receives several responses very quickly.
l F from
If you slow it down a little,
and watch it in slow
motion, you see some
7 '-: hidden messages to guys
like me who take the time
Fmm mmee to find them.
PM rm” Yes South Park, I know I
Ma mm need a life No need to tell
From }
Slash a hippie
In the season 7 episode, "I' m a little bit country" a music
rally is held in south park between those opposed to the
war and those for it.
recognize the guitarist?
Remember this child
molester in the episode,
the return of chef"? It
was the first episode in
season 10.
Well, I was watching the
episode, "Le Petit
Tourette" from season 11,
and in the opening scene,
Cartman is at a toystore. If
you notice the mascot of
the toystore who is in the
He looks a little familiar.
I got plenty more where this came
from Fl, but I need motivated once
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