What really grinds my gears. . mum. I almost skipped over this one, and as the content changed I had to go back because I suddenly got the joke. You clever little .
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#1 - murika (09/26/2013) [-]
I almost skipped over this one, and as the content changed I had to go back because I suddenly got the joke. You clever little **** .
#4 - biscuitsunited (09/26/2013) [-]
You clever 			****		.
You clever **** .
User avatar #8 to #4 - dracolegacy (09/27/2013) [-]
i think what you really meant was, you clever shift.
#10 - include (09/27/2013) [-]
Favorite car thread?
Favorite car thread?
#65 to #10 - rockerdanny (09/27/2013) [-]
Nissan Silvia s13 coupe <3
#81 to #10 - icelandicviking ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
chevrolet corvette 1996 grand sport
#96 to #10 - dreadedsin (09/27/2013) [-]
The Ariel atom V8 500. A small car with a big engine, accelerating from 0-60 Mph in around 2.3 seconds.
#265 to #96 - harleycurnow (09/27/2013) [-]
I think you mean Mid-size engine with wheels and something Ariel call a seat. Oh, and you get a mirror too.
#212 to #10 - nozepicker ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
This image has expired
Lamborghini Miura, sexiest ************ out there
#263 to #212 - lambocj (09/27/2013) [-]
Have you seen the concept?
User avatar #264 to #263 - nozepicker ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
67 model is best model
#82 to #10 - vinylshark ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
No rear wing
#206 to #10 - ricetoo (09/27/2013) [-]
not my favorite, but it's my daily
#250 to #10 - furiousmarshmellow (09/27/2013) [-]
That, or a Koenigsegg CCXR.

Yes. Yes I didn't have to look up how to spell that.
#22 to #10 - swimmingprodigy (09/27/2013) [-]
The absolute most badass C2 Corvette you will ever see (it's also one of the fastest street legal SCCA race cars in the world)

But my next car (and my favorite) is going to be a C6 Corvette
#25 to #22 - swimmingprodigy (09/27/2013) [-]
Black C6 looks so badass. I cant decide between a black or a red one.
User avatar #273 to #22 - ghustla (09/27/2013) [-]
The Original Sting Ray - /BIG MUSCLE Review by /Drive if anyone is interested
I don't like it though
User avatar #290 to #273 - swimmingprodigy (09/28/2013) [-]
dude I havent even seen this and it's like my favorite Vette ever. Thanks so much for this
#269 to #22 - ghustla has deleted their comment [-]
#61 to #10 - humorouswaste (09/27/2013) [-]
im more of an suv person
#42 to #10 - djequalizee (09/27/2013) [-]
Skyline GTR
#56 to #10 - welshash (09/27/2013) [-]
I'm British, but something about the 70' Dodge Charger makes my manhood tremble.

But i do love R34 GT-R's and Supras.

R32 & R33's are also very nice I Love a lot of cars
#100 to #56 - joshlol (09/27/2013) [-]
68 charger is best charger

>those round tail lights

I'm british too, it's a rare treat to see a late 60's american muscle car over here
#270 to #56 - ghustla (09/27/2013) [-]
Late 60's chargers look, sound and feel like badass
#192 to #10 - realreality (09/27/2013) [-]
Aston Martin DB9
#15 to #10 - binkbinkb (09/27/2013) [-]
Im pretty fond of these fancy lil' S2000's with hardtops. I would have said WRX STI but Blue beat me to it.
#241 to #15 - kaitora ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
Look at this sexyh mod
User avatar #244 to #241 - kaitora ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
Should be somewhat eye candy for blueboysixnine as well
#16 to #15 - blueboysixnine (09/27/2013) [-]
I love the s2000's engine, but you usually only see the car in softtop which makes my cock soft

Pic is my current car
User avatar #24 to #16 - swimmingprodigy (09/27/2013) [-]
Oh wow dude, you you likin the GT86? Are the handling feels as good as every magazine says?
User avatar #285 to #24 - blueboysixnine (09/27/2013) [-]
Yeap. stock handling is great, better on the brz, but I couldn't afford one. its currently in my garage with a turbo sitting on the bench. excited as ****
User avatar #289 to #285 - swimmingprodigy (09/28/2013) [-]
no way you're gonna turbo it? Niice dude. I heard a few people who supercharged it. With 220hp at the wheels it turns into a whole different car they say
User avatar #291 to #289 - blueboysixnine (09/28/2013) [-]
yeah, couple guys in my club supercharged. a couple turbocharged. they really need that extra kick to be perfect. I actually just finished. I still need to wait for the new ECU map from AVO, but I gave it a little bit of a kick and it feels great
User avatar #297 to #291 - swimmingprodigy (09/28/2013) [-]
sounds great dude, enjoy the car
User avatar #140 to #16 - beezox ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
fun fact: i have painted fredric aasbo's gt86 (A norwegian drifter) but i guess no one cares
#52 to #16 - cobrafan (09/27/2013) [-]
#18 to #16 - binkbinkb (09/27/2013) [-]
My Current Car that i can use, i also have a Old 3000 GT
User avatar #243 to #18 - kaitora ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
The b7 ain't bad, but I find the b9 to be one of the sexiest german offerings today.

Too bad audi's hang on the top of the lists of cars failing inspections.
User avatar #248 to #243 - binkbinkb (09/27/2013) [-]
My grandpa works for Maserati and whatnot so its basically impossible to fail inspection XD
User avatar #252 to #248 - kaitora ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
lel, lucky

I assume the reasons are more emission related anyway... *ahem* RS6 on the top of the list...
User avatar #76 to #18 - TigerShark (09/27/2013) [-]
I like it! I have a stage 3 b5 s4 thats been in the garage for months because the transmission cant handle the power and ran out of money when i replaced it the first time haha
#13 to #10 - blueboysixnine (09/27/2013) [-]
Ill see your evo, and raise you a wrx
#38 to #13 - herptyderpies (09/27/2013) [-]
this sti custom makes me cream my britches
#266 to #38 - mrbobert (09/27/2013) [-]
It makes mine look a little sad by comparison... Still, love my bugeye.
User avatar #288 to #266 - herptyderpies (09/28/2013) [-]
i want a sub so badly
#139 to #10 - heyayayakilla (09/27/2013) [-]
#261 to #10 - lambocj (09/27/2013) [-]
Lamborghini Reventon. Best Believe It.
User avatar #221 to #10 - thisisrarity (09/27/2013) [-]
After masturbating to this thread i went and played gran turismo 5

thanks FJ
#156 to #10 - mintaj (09/27/2013) [-]
As long as I'd really like to own such driven awesomeness, I actually prefer utility over badass look and badass everything
#258 to #156 - trojka ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
Russian cars FTW
#149 to #10 - thearchitectt (09/27/2013) [-]
a Volvo p131 b18
#106 to #10 - fuckinniggers (09/27/2013) [-]
Chevy 2500 with the duramax diesel.
Ya I know I'm lame **** off.
#40 to #10 - firehippie ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
1970 Buick gsx stage 1
#55 to #10 - chewythewolftwo (09/27/2013) [-]
My '63 Ford Galaxie
#215 to #55 - psychopsychedelic (09/27/2013) [-]
Hey it's Chewy and his galaxie! What's up man?

And mine is this gem. 1967 Shelby Cobra. Mmmmmmmmm
User avatar #323 to #215 - chewythewolftwo (10/02/2013) [-]
My grandmother actually had a Javelin. ****** love em. I looked at those too before I settled on Ms. Sasha. But I agree with finishing your truck first, because then you can DD It (To be honest, don't dump thousands in to it unless you really truly plan on keeping it forever and only using it as a secondary car) and haul parts with it while you build something real serious that you'll fall in love with even more
User avatar #324 to #323 - psychopsychedelic (10/03/2013) [-]
That's what I've been thinking! Maybe give the Lumina back to my dad after I finish it up. Then driving the Nissan around as my main car and having the project car
User avatar #325 to #324 - chewythewolftwo (10/03/2013) [-]
Eeeeeeexactly. I never planned on working on my Taurus but one thing lead to another, and yeah, it'll probably end up being faster than my Galaxie by a long shot now, lol
#326 to #325 - psychopsychedelic (10/03/2013) [-]
Ah but speed compares little to the class and sexiness of an old Galaxie.
#328 to #326 - chewythewolftwo (10/03/2013) [-]
I was also considering wheels like these to go under the Maroon paint. Just a little bit wider, lol.
#327 to #326 - chewythewolftwo (10/03/2013) [-]
I'm glad we agree on that, lol.
I planned on having the Galaxie be my go-fast car, but that'll be the Taurus now. Then the Galaxie will just be the badass one. Suspension, brakes, nice slightly modernized interior, big motor, etc. I'm unsure as of yet whether I'll stick to satin black with a pale green roof/interior/steel wheels, or if I'll bring it back to the factory Maroon. Thoughts?
I might rock the first option for a couple years while I save some $$ and then lift the body off the frame and get a fresh one to do a full 100% restomod on all at once.
User avatar #329 to #327 - psychopsychedelic (10/03/2013) [-]
Dat maroon.

Gloss black would look sleek as hell too. When in doubt, go black.

I like those wheels too. But yeah leaving it as the flat black for a while til you get enough money for the resto is probably in your best interest.
User avatar #330 to #329 - chewythewolftwo (10/04/2013) [-]
Right? I like it more than I thought I would. And I love black too, but something about a shade of red that isn't screamingly bright is somehow.. Elegant for a musclecar that should have around 500 ponies when it's all said and done. I saw the wheels on another Mustang when I was Autocrossing a couple weeks ago and that's when it hit me, I need to go back on the 20th of October to ask the guy about em, if he shows up.

And yeah, I think I'll rock it ratty and badass (Mexican blanket interior, anyone?) For a couple summers just to get by. Besides, I found out the slot mags I have on the car are actually Cragars, so they're high quality and now I don't mind keeping em around. I thought they were cheap knockoffs, lol
User avatar #331 to #330 - psychopsychedelic (10/04/2013) [-]
Man I wanna see this thing in person!
User avatar #332 to #331 - chewythewolftwo (10/05/2013) [-]
If you ever end up in Connecticut mate, let me know lol. I'll burn through a set or two of tires for you haha
User avatar #333 to #332 - psychopsychedelic (10/06/2013) [-]
Helllllllll yeah!!
User avatar #334 to #333 - chewythewolftwo (10/06/2013) [-]
I actually took an uber short drive up the road yesterday, and am terrified to say that it feels like driving a big ball of momentum with no response from it whatsoever, lol. Steering is "there", brakes are passable but the nose decides to try and drag bumper on the ground which also makes the car want to stall out for some reason, suspension feels like riding on a million sheets of cottonelle (A bad thing) and the acceleration is more like a sudden gust of wind pushing you the direction the nose is pointed, very VERY quickly, lol. It's ****** terrifying in the best way
User avatar #335 to #334 - psychopsychedelic (10/07/2013) [-]
Hahaha " ****** terrifying in the best way" that is great.

Yeah I went back and redid three of the four wheels over in black. They look sweet. I'll post pics when I'm not being so lazy. I didn't get much else done because of the rain but this coming weekend I have four days off. I plan on ripping out the soundproofing stuff in the cab. It's messy and deteriorated. Any suggestions on what to put in place? I hate carpeted interiors.
User avatar #336 to #335 - chewythewolftwo (10/08/2013) [-]
Dude hell yeah I'd love to see more pictures of that truck, I love hardbodies with a passion.
And as far as replacing the interior? I dunno what you're going for, but hell, if you're going cheap and don't give a **** about loud, why not just spray the floor with rubber bed liner? Or you could get a proper fitting vinyl floor ( You need to login to view this link It was like 96 bucks from what I saw) or who knows what beyond that. Maybe invest in some dynamat and do the cab if you're putting a little bit of comfort in to the ride? Behind door panels and everything, helps really quiet up a ride and I plan on doing it to my Taurus and Galaxie alike.
#337 to #336 - psychopsychedelic (10/08/2013) [-]
I've got a few but none from the work I did this weekend. I Was thinking the roll in bed liner would win out.
#338 to #337 - psychopsychedelic (10/08/2013) [-]
I lied. It uploaded faster than I though.
User avatar #339 to #338 - chewythewolftwo (10/09/2013) [-]
I really like that truck, lol. Craigslist will be your best friend too, for things like a bumper and other misc crap. Especially if it's going to be a cheap runner. And hey! Take this as an opportunity to learn how to paint. Because it ain't gonna be gorgeous, but it'll look damn good on a truck like that.
#340 to #339 - psychopsychedelic (10/09/2013) [-]
Yeah I wanna get it right. I painted the Lumina there beside it. It's good, but it definitely could use improvement.
User avatar #341 to #340 - chewythewolftwo (10/09/2013) [-]
Yeah, but you'll do well. I'd love to see it all buttoned up. Meanwhile.. I just found a 1990 Tacoma nearby for 500 with a bad timing chain.
It's Mary Kay pink.
Still thinking about it for a winter beater
User avatar #282 to #215 - chewythewolftwo (09/27/2013) [-]
Not much! Ms. Sasha the Galaxie jut came back from the shop yesterday, got major frame rust repair and now she's ready (I think) to go on the road! Brakes are a bit ***** (I think it might be rust, it's 4-wheel drum after all) and the gas tank needs to be dropped and cleaned, but those are minor things that I can address soon.
Hopefully gonna drop it a bit this winter and do a full exhaust system to make it **************** .jpg
User avatar #342 to #282 - psychopsychedelic (10/09/2013) [-]
I really like the Tacomas. A friend of mine has a 2010 one that is really cool.

A bad timing chain is a tricky fix though
User avatar #343 to #342 - chewythewolftwo (10/09/2013) [-]
Yeah, that's what deterred me a little. Found a '97 Hardbody for 800 with a bit of rot though, and I'm thinking about it. It's a standard and everything
User avatar #344 to #343 - psychopsychedelic (10/09/2013) [-]
Is it like mine or is it the little ones?
#346 to #345 - psychopsychedelic (10/09/2013) [-]
If that bed is too far gone you can probably get like ten new ones

It looks really nice though. You could get a flatbed on the back! I am gonna do that if the bed in mine gets too bad down the road. Once I finish the truck though I'm gonna start putting aside money to replace that engine. It's got a lot of miles on it.
User avatar #347 to #346 - chewythewolftwo (10/09/2013) [-]
Do the right thing, son. Find some kid's smashed 240SX. SR20DET.
Or do what Ryan Tuerck did with his, 1jz, lol.
User avatar #348 to #347 - psychopsychedelic (10/09/2013) [-]
I was gonna get a crate motor V8.

User avatar #349 to #348 - chewythewolftwo (10/09/2013) [-]
Ohh that's a thought too, lol. I'm sure it's been done before. I don't want to get this truck that's supposed to be a beater and then end up dumping thousands in to it to make it cool though haha, because I totally would
User avatar #350 to #349 - psychopsychedelic (10/10/2013) [-]
Yeah that's probably what I'm gonna end up doing. But we'll see hahaha
User avatar #283 to #282 - psychopsychedelic (09/27/2013) [-]
I dig it! You should straight pipe that mother ****** !

My truck is straight piped (er sorta)
User avatar #287 to #283 - chewythewolftwo (09/28/2013) [-]
I actually have a glasspack to slap on it for awhile, and then once I'm really ready, I have a set of Hooker headers and it's going to be one-off pipework all the way back, I've got a buddy who did a stellar exhaust on my Taurus (Yeah, he made a Taurus sound good, lol www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP3KuQRPHII And I need to update it because these mufflers have broken in and sound even better now) whose going to build something for me, it's just deciding the little things like where it'll end, IE Before the tires or after, etc, that we need to figure out.
#296 to #287 - psychopsychedelic (09/28/2013) [-]
I dig the sound of that Taurus to be honest. Very good low roar. But yeah I hear ya. My main problem is deciding what gets bought first. And that the interior is pretty nasty.
#305 to #296 - chewythewolftwo (09/29/2013) [-]
Try driving it everyday, it's intoxicating at times lol. Nothing like pulling out and having it drop a couple gears revving up to like 5k (It's all she's got lol, the SHO motor will go to 7k+ stock and possibly up to around 8,000 when cammed like I'm thinking of doing)

And I'm the same way with the Galaxie. My interior is almost as bad as yours.
This was above my headliner. And by this I mean that's about a quarter of the total mouse-house I pulled down, with many living residents, lol.
Also, get a wire brush or something and just scrub the piss out of the floor and then vacuum it and it will look a ton different, you'll be surprised.
User avatar #306 to #305 - psychopsychedelic (09/29/2013) [-]
I'll give it a shot next chance I get.
User avatar #310 to #306 - chewythewolftwo (09/29/2013) [-]
Good ^^ You'll have to share pictures at some point mate, it'd be cool to see progress
User avatar #311 to #310 - psychopsychedelic (09/30/2013) [-]
I'll see what I can do! I think I'll be able to get some work done this coming weekend. I'll update then!
User avatar #312 to #311 - chewythewolftwo (09/30/2013) [-]
Rad! I need to mess with the drums on my Galaxie and hopefully it'll be road worthy after that.
User avatar #313 to #312 - psychopsychedelic (09/30/2013) [-]
Man, A car that cool is always road worthy.

But without brake drums, it's only road worthy once...
User avatar #314 to #313 - chewythewolftwo (09/30/2013) [-]
Well I mean they're there, but a recent road excursion lead to the car pulling to the right upon braking terrifyingly hard and the drums looked like a forest fire of smoke when it came to a stop at my house, lol
User avatar #315 to #314 - psychopsychedelic (09/30/2013) [-]
Sounds pretty badass to me.

Fix em if you want to be a pussy! I kid I kid, get that done man. No need to go flying. Maybe you should replace the front brakes with discs. My Lumina is set up with two discs in the front and then drums in the back and it brakes wonderfully.
User avatar #316 to #315 - chewythewolftwo (10/01/2013) [-]
To a degree, lol. I need to get that glasspack on soon. It sounds kind of boring right now.

I actually plan on doing 4 wheel disks -someday- when time and money are a thing I have.
My Taurus is 4-wheel disk and let me tell you that for a stock system they're pretty damn good. Might consider upping to some 13-inch Cobra Mustang rotors/Calipers some day down the road too, since it should be pushing around 350whp when the motor swap is done
User avatar #317 to #316 - psychopsychedelic (10/01/2013) [-]
It's got that crunchy growl to it now haha. You should deepen it, maybe even dual it out. That would be sweet.

My chevys stop funny, but I rarely have a problem with em. I too would like the four discs, but I don't have the wheels really. It might sound weird but I would want wheels that let you see the calipers if I were to get them. They're almost as much an eyepiece as they are practical. Know what I mean?
#318 to #317 - chewythewolftwo (10/01/2013) [-]
I've got a set of Hooker Headers actually, and a buddy (Who did my Taurus) whose going to one-off some pipework for me all the way back.

And yeah I know what you mean, I went from really ugly stock wheels to the pictured ones and even though they don't show it much, it's better than stock.
User avatar #319 to #318 - psychopsychedelic (10/01/2013) [-]
That's gotta be the sweetest Taurus around.

I really want to take a car and do all this work to it, but I just feel that my two aren't necessarily clamoring for that kind of attention. After I finish the Nissan I've debated about investing in something a bit more classy but I don't know. Moneys hard to come by, and automobiles sure love drinking it up.

I want to start a car from the frame up. But That's very optimistic given my limited access to tools and parts and especially money. If only my rockstar career would kick off..... haha
User avatar #320 to #319 - chewythewolftwo (10/02/2013) [-]
I'm putting the hookers on my Galaxie, the Taurus will be getting one-off bits to go with the catback and soon to be done y-pipe/race cat.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUCdrFD7abI Like this but better. (Not to mention audio quality isn't great but you get the idea)

After your truck, I say something like a Ford Falcon/Chevy Nova/ Dodge Dart. Old, get a 6-cyl car for decent MPG and overall cheapness, and still total badassery. I plan on doing so myself eventually, to dump on it's nuts and cruise EVERYWHERE regardless of weather, lol.
User avatar #322 to #320 - psychopsychedelic (10/02/2013) [-]
I said I Wanted a Pacer, but I really meant a Javelin. That's what I am considering but I really gotta finish the old Nissan first.
#321 to #320 - psychopsychedelic has deleted their comment [-]
#104 to #10 - kevinator ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
Love her
#14 to #10 - pointblankrange (09/27/2013) [-]
Well, Im a honda man, but I love the Nissan Silvia.
#87 to #14 - ploppin (09/27/2013) [-]
Silvia S14 is best Silvia. People be like "I mean it looks the same like the s15." and im like "BUT DAT ASS THO!"
#46 to #14 - fukkentyranitar (09/27/2013) [-]
MFW North America can import them next year.
#48 to #46 - killerliquid (09/27/2013) [-]
User avatar #49 to #46 - pointblankrange (09/27/2013) [-]
You can find a few people that have imported them already on Craigslist, and **** YEAH if we can, I want one, but I don't have $16k to spend on a car at the moment.
User avatar #83 to #10 - raginhardon (09/27/2013) [-]
for d/d a VIP'd GS 350

VIP   Lexus

for track/autox/driftu an NSX

Drift King's personal NSX-R - VTEC CLUB - Best Motoring International
#152 to #10 - stonedphreak ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
bmw e24 635csi
#218 to #152 - captainkrobin (09/27/2013) [-]
You absolute beauty. Here's to some 635 lovin'!
#254 to #152 - croneos (09/27/2013) [-]
YES! E24s are awesome. here's another 635csi
#67 to #10 - linktheherooftime (09/27/2013) [-]
1970 Shelby Cobra. My Great-Grandpa actually bought one with the money he save by dropping change in a drawer.
#147 to #10 - asongulol (09/27/2013) [-]
My car is my favorite car. It doesn't even have a brand. I was just put together in some garage.
#32 to #10 - thetryings (09/27/2013) [-]
Generally prefer muscle cars but this is what i want to buy soon.
Nissan 300ZX
#54 to #32 - anon (09/27/2013) [-]
I have one and ******* love it you won't be let down
#112 to #10 - scorpionfrommk (09/27/2013) [-]
69' charger is best charger
>dat blower
>dat paint
>dat everything
too bad this ones cgi
#275 to #10 - hollyfries (09/27/2013) [-]
If I could make sweet love with this car, have a kid with it and then marry it, I would.
#97 to #10 - joshlol (09/27/2013) [-]
I find it really hard to love anything made post 2000
#259 to #10 - merkmuds (09/27/2013) [-]
1973 Chrysler Newport
#17 to #10 - thamuz (09/27/2013) [-]
I drive a little 06 Evo..but its the ES model,and not the fancy AWD like I wanted..and I want to lightly upgrade it..

But I'm a Corvair guy. Something about the way that little Boxer 6 sounds and the way it rides just makes me a happy person inside.
User avatar #284 to #17 - psychopsychedelic (09/27/2013) [-]
I'm trying to stick to my guns, but a few people around town just picked up some old Corvairs. Everytime one of those babies scoots by I lose my **** . They are classy vehicles.
User avatar #298 to #284 - thamuz (09/28/2013) [-]
And they can get 25-30mpg+ if you tune them right.

Its a shame the aftermarket parts has such a narrow selection,but it does allow for some cool modifications.

Personally,Im thinking of getting one and adding a Classic Air AC,and a Mustang power steering with a pair of small turbos.
User avatar #299 to #298 - psychopsychedelic (09/28/2013) [-]
I'm still in the dreaming stage. I got other cars I'm working on, but if I were to get one, I'd just make it as classy as I freaking can.
User avatar #300 to #299 - thamuz (09/28/2013) [-]
Im going to get one. Ive been looking for a complete one to buy. But Im lookin for a 65/66 2 door.

Black cherry or red with blacked chrome,HID head lamps LED tail lamps,redo the interior to modern standards and all that jazz. Power it all up and m ake it my daily driver
User avatar #301 to #300 - psychopsychedelic (09/28/2013) [-]
Hell yeah man. I will request pics of when this day comes.

I dream of buying an old car and fixing it up to modern standards and making it my daily driver, but I'm still in college living off 5 bucks a week. I'm just happy my dad helps pay for the work I'm doing on the truck. He said he'd only pay for it if I learn how to do it to the other cars we have to and save him money in the long run.

I really shouldn't complain haha
User avatar #302 to #301 - thamuz (09/28/2013) [-]
Yeah I know that feeling.
I also have a mid 50s Apache. the first year of the dual headlamps. A straight 8 and the 3 on the tree,a real rare style as not that many were built with I8s and the 3 speed.

Im going to paint it probably red or the origional blue with a nice oak or walnut bed.
#303 to #302 - psychopsychedelic (09/28/2013) [-]
That sounds awesome dude. If you want to finish the wood, I'd use Tung Oil. It's what I use on the guitars I build and it's very durable.

Since this is the first time I'm really trying to restore a car, we started cheap. I bought this old Nissan for 500 and have been working on it for a while. I'm thinking either yellow, or some outrageously bright color.
User avatar #307 to #303 - thamuz (09/29/2013) [-]
Those kinda trucks look great when they are bright orange(traffic cone) and black. If its a 4x4 lift it up a bit
User avatar #309 to #307 - psychopsychedelic (09/29/2013) [-]
Do you have a picture I can judge?
User avatar #308 to #307 - psychopsychedelic (09/29/2013) [-]
I was personally thinking a bit more of a hazard yellow. I've already started blacking it out. I'll look into the orange.
User avatar #249 to #228 - kaitora ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
Needs more HEICO
#36 to #10 - bloodynips (09/27/2013) [-]
This sexy car right here
#39 to #36 - skybluetroll (09/27/2013) [-]
I bet you're a cook.
#242 to #10 - sinisterlion (09/27/2013) [-]
I saw one of my co-workers driving a Pontiac G8 and fell in love with that car ever since. Particularly, the GXP and GXP Coupe look amazing to me. It's a damn shame GM suspended Pontiac. Despite what some say, they've often made great cars, ******* Firebird, GTO; The Judge. Yeah they botched and butchered a lot of cars; ******* Aztecs, but the good stuff should not be overshadowed.
User avatar #286 to #242 - blueboysixnine (09/27/2013) [-]
looks an aweful lot like a common VE commodore
#205 to #10 - sylaz (09/27/2013) [-]
BMW E38 7-series
Ever since i saw it in The Transporter i fell instantly in love with this AWSOME machine.

Fun fact: The one used in The Transporter is a 750i(Badged as a 735i)
With a MANUAL gearbox made specifically for that car(The 750i never had a manual gearbox)
#141 to #10 - juvia (09/27/2013) [-]
Evo's are the best
#64 to #10 - thewhiteshadow (09/27/2013) [-]
Something about this car makes my junk twitch every time I see it.
#19 to #10 - dragondubobski (09/27/2013) [-]
Something about the '05 Camry makes me jizz myself. this sports car right here packs a solid, clean punch
User avatar #23 to #19 - swimmingprodigy (09/27/2013) [-]
>sports car
>packs a punch


#26 to #23 - dragondubobski (09/27/2013) [-]

>green text

>unnecessary line brakes

>>pick one'

>camry is best
User avatar #27 to #26 - swimmingprodigy (09/27/2013) [-]
>all that rice
>disgusting gold

I'll admit that it is a fantastic car to daily drive, but it is by no means a sports car
User avatar #28 to #27 - dragondubobski (09/27/2013) [-]
It's kinda like how professional fishermen will use light tackle, to test heir skills instead of their equipment, but they still use really high end light tackle. light tackle sports car
User avatar #29 to #28 - swimmingprodigy (09/27/2013) [-]
So you're basically saying that it's more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow?

Then get a Miata if that's what you're after. After the S2000 they're the be cars to drive because they have amazing balance even though theyre slow as ****
User avatar #31 to #29 - dragondubobski (09/27/2013) [-]
actually I'm just saying that the 05 camry is the best car in the world because it's my car, as I'm sure that your car is the best car in the world to you
User avatar #33 to #31 - swimmingprodigy (09/27/2013) [-]
I fully acknowledge that my car isn't the best in the world. I like it a lot, but it's not the best.
(2008 Nissan Altima 3.5L btw). It's faster than a lot of other cars on the road, and the VQ35DE engine is bulletproof, but it's still a 4 door family sedan.
User avatar #35 to #33 - dragondubobski (09/27/2013) [-]
I completely and blindly refuse to believe that any car other than an '05 camry is better than my own, and the ignorance is bliss
User avatar #37 to #35 - swimmingprodigy (09/27/2013) [-]
to each his own
#246 to #10 - kaitora ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]

I don't have a corrado, I have a Toyota Avensis.

Don't laugh pls ;_;
#62 to #10 - digdogfap (09/27/2013) [-]
'68 Mustang Fastback
#99 to #62 - joshlol (09/27/2013) [-]
Glorious. 68 was an excellent year for American muscle
#274 to #262 - kaboomz (09/27/2013) [-]
This image has expired
#292 to #274 - ismellnewfag (09/28/2013) [-]
User avatar #71 - srhkid (09/27/2013) [-]
Honestly, i love driving stick.. i feel im driving, and not a zombie
#75 to #71 - restfullwicked (09/27/2013) [-]
i never got the whole americans driving stick thing. i hated it when learning but now i can drive its fine, its hardly the hardest thing in the world.
#77 to #75 - grapefruity has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #90 to #71 - larski (09/27/2013) [-]
I also prefer manual transmission over automatic. Just as you said, it feels much more like actual driving. Driving an automatic is very boring IMO.
#107 - goodnewseveryone (09/27/2013) [-]
that sound always makes me **** myself, as if i've ****** up the car
User avatar #214 to #107 - sgrave (09/27/2013) [-]
And it always happens when driving right past a large group of people.
#11 - classicvictory (09/27/2013) [-]
grinding gears you say?
User avatar #128 - karson (09/27/2013) [-]
oh wow, a post about manual transmissions, with people basing americans because auto's are so popular here. I've said it before and I'll say it again: most of us who actually like to drive, or are car people, like to drive stick. people who only use cars to get from point a to point b are people who have autos. I graduated high school last year, and i can say about 75% of my class knew how to drive stick. its not like stick is super rare here or something. My DD is a 2014 focus ST, so I drive stick too.
#134 to #128 - notified (09/27/2013) [-]
I learned on stick, and have never owned anything but
User avatar #155 to #134 - karson (09/27/2013) [-]
I learned on stick, but my first car was a beater truck and was an au but when I graduated HS i got a new car, and its been stick ever since, although I still have the truck.
User avatar #143 to #128 - JoshOwnsAll (09/27/2013) [-]
I have a 2012 Focus SE
how's the ST? it's not going to be sold at my country, shattering my future dreams.
(Black or yellow, btw?)
#153 to #143 - karson (09/27/2013) [-]
I'm not going to lie to you. I went to the ford dealership to look at their 5.0 mustangs. the 5.0 is fast without a doubt, but it still felt as if it was missing something. somehow the ST was brought up, and I'd never heard of it before. well I got to test drive a tangerine scream (the yellow the ST is famous for) and I fell instantly in love with the car. while I liked the color, it was a little to flashy, and even on the test drive it caught a policeman's eye too well, which I didn't like. but they had an "Oxford White" st3 on the lot as well, that wasn't being used as a test car, so it had about 7 miles on it while the yellow one had about 100ish. I ended up leaving that day with the white one, and do not regret my decision at all. I absolutely LOVE my car.
User avatar #159 to #153 - JoshOwnsAll (09/27/2013) [-]
my focus is oxford white as well. I didn't like white cars at first, but my used focus was such a great deal, that I couldn't say no. Now, I wouldn't change my White knight look for anything in the world. black might be badass, but white? white is badass in its purest form.
#166 to #159 - karson (09/27/2013) [-]
yeah, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. My st3 was kinda pricey for a focus, but it's top of the line, all black leather recaro seats, nav screen, etc. etc. but I'm not a fan of the stock rims. I want some rays volks te37's (pictured) but they're way too expensive, so I think I'm going to get some volks look alikes, in bronze, I think. I was going to get black rims, but that is just extremely overdone by everyone, so I decided against it. I plan on getting a ford racing exhaust, ford racing cold air intake, cobb accessport v3 tuner, cobb catless downpipe, cobb fmic, and then I think I'll be pretty satisfied and stop modding it.
#180 to #166 - JoshOwnsAll (09/27/2013) [-]
that would look great. in chile all non-stock rims are... frowned upon, socially. the only cars you see with custom rims are crap-brown toyota tercels, nissan V12 and taxis. every guy would love to change his rims, but your car (no matter what model) gets this picture's look, and nobody wants to fall that low.
south american piece of **** cars FTW
User avatar #185 to #180 - karson (09/27/2013) [-]
I'm sorry, that sounds horrible. I feel for ya buddy.
User avatar #196 to #185 - JoshOwnsAll (09/27/2013) [-]
well, as long as you keep your car classy you have road respect.
idiots who drive ^those cars drive them like if they were on a ******* mclaren, challenging everyone and **** . man my focus beats them with me driving normally!
User avatar #198 to #196 - karson (09/27/2013) [-]
yeah, we have a ******** of ricers here too. all show, no go.
User avatar #203 to #198 - JoshOwnsAll (09/27/2013) [-]
ricers? is that a thing, or you misspelled racers?
User avatar #207 to #203 - karson (09/27/2013) [-]
no, thats actually a big thing here. ricers, referring to "rice" which is what a lot of jdm cars are called, typically, honda civics, mitsubishi eclipses, and stuff like that, ricers drive like assholes, and they put a bunch of cheap crap to try and make their cars looks faster, like wings, bodykits, a loud annoying exhaust, and rims, while not doing anything to enhance the performance of their car. then they drive like they are the fastest things on the road, when in reality most soccermom suv's would beat them. as urbandictionary put it:
A person who makes unecessary modifications to their most often import car (hence the term "rice") to make it (mostly make it look) faster. The most common modifications are (but not limited to):

- Huge exhaust that serves no purpose but to make the car louder
- Large spoiler on the back that looks like something Boeing made for the 747
- Lots of after-market company stickers they don't have parts from, but must be cool
- Expensive rims that usually cost more than the car itself
- Bodykit to make the car appear lower, usually accented with chicken wire
- Clear tail lights and corner signals
- A "performace intake"- a tube that feeds cold air to their engine usually located in areas of excessive heat (behind or on top of the engine)
- Most of these riced cars (a.k.a. rice rockets or rice burners) are imports; Honda Civics, Accords, Integras, CRXs, RSXs, Del Sols Mitsubishi Eclipses, Lancers, Subaru Imprezas,
User avatar #208 to #207 - JoshOwnsAll (09/27/2013) [-]
no hate on japanese cars from me, only on the riced ones.
You learn something new every day!
the sound a 1.2 engine makes with one of those huge exhausts... goddammit it ruins my day
User avatar #209 to #208 - karson (09/27/2013) [-]
oh yeah, I love jdm cars. I just hate ricers, haha.

and I know. why do they even try?
User avatar #210 to #209 - JoshOwnsAll (09/27/2013) [-]
I mostly leave them to embarass themselves some other day, but every once in a while these ricers need a 2.0 slap to the face!
User avatar #211 to #210 - karson (09/27/2013) [-]
yeah, I've given a few civic si's a turbocharged 2.0 slap in the face, lol
User avatar #213 to #211 - JoshOwnsAll (09/27/2013) [-]
spectacular haha
User avatar #63 - nachobeldavid (09/27/2013) [-]
Stick shift is best shift.
User avatar #9 - akuseru (09/27/2013) [-]
You could always rev match. With a little practice, you'll only need your clutch to take off
User avatar #20 to #9 - confidence (09/27/2013) [-]
I had to learn that on the spot. My clutch fork broke and I was across town, at the stop lights I just shut it off and had the crank it while in first gear. =T It was horrible on my starter.
#80 - gurtol (09/27/2013) [-]
Americans be like, "the **** is a clutch?"
#85 to #80 - enclavexremnant has deleted their comment [-]
#88 to #85 - gurtol has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #91 to #88 - enclavexremnant ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
No, I'm saying I just don't get the joke
User avatar #136 to #80 - douthit (09/27/2013) [-]
We've got 2 manuals.
User avatar #165 to #80 - happytimesfome (09/27/2013) [-]
but one of my cars are a manual
yes i be american
User avatar #236 to #80 - WolfRider (09/27/2013) [-]
everyone i know drives a manual
i drive a manual
stop being ignorant
User avatar #92 to #80 - andrewjla (09/27/2013) [-]
not all americans *******
User avatar #94 to #92 - huffe ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
okay united states of americans
User avatar #95 to #94 - andrewjla (09/27/2013) [-]
dumbass, we know how to drive stick shift, not all of us but some of us do.
#163 to #92 - scorcho ONLINE (09/27/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #116 to #92 - gurtol (09/27/2013) [-]
Do you honestly think i don't know that? It's a joke just relax
User avatar #281 to #116 - andrewjla (09/27/2013) [-]
but you're still going with it...
#60 - digdogfap (09/27/2013) [-]
I was expecting a lot of people in the comments saying basically, &quot;Lol Americans won't get this joke&quot; I'm sorry but it doesn't make you superior that you drive stick.
I was expecting a lot of people in the comments saying basically, "Lol Americans won't get this joke" I'm sorry but it doesn't make you superior that you drive stick.
#204 to #60 - meuk (09/27/2013) [-]
so basically, you're replying to a comment that no one made and you just project onto all of us?
User avatar #110 to #60 - nimba (09/27/2013) [-]
totally does though
User avatar #227 - jittersfj (09/27/2013) [-]
Ahhhhh, I learned how to drive stick this summer so I get that!
User avatar #239 to #227 - Nightinear **User deleted account** (09/27/2013) [-]
Manual > Automatic
#229 to #227 - biddo (09/27/2013) [-]
.....hows the 8th grade going

(just kidding)
User avatar #230 to #229 - jittersfj (09/27/2013) [-]
Yeahhh, I learned later that I wanted Had to learn so that I could valet cars. But now I'm buying a standard in a few weeks.
#233 to #230 - biddo (09/27/2013) [-]
manual is the way to go as long as its sporty, if its for relaxed driving id get an automatic. i drove a manual since i was 14 til i got rid of my little crx when i was 21, for the past 3 years ive had an automatic dodge dakota 4.7. they each have there own place i guess.
User avatar #235 to #233 - jittersfj (09/27/2013) [-]
I have a Dodge Dakota! I love it, but my brother and I think it's haunted for all the problems it's had the last 13 years. **** constantly is breaking down. Poor thing's on its last wheel.
#304 to #235 - biddo (09/29/2013) [-]
mines an 02 with 190k just about and looks/runs/works like a champ!
User avatar #66 - sparkyfetchest (09/27/2013) [-]
haha its funny because you'd be really grinding gears!
#108 - nimba (09/27/2013) [-]
mfw you dont get it - you are a lazy auto operator
#237 - andythehuman (09/27/2013) [-]
**andythehuman rolls 81**
rolling for lord stiggy
#50 - ordog (09/27/2013) [-]
We don't get this joke.
#70 to #50 - namehasntbeentaken (09/27/2013) [-]
I DO IDO! I drive a Jeep!
I DO IDO! I drive a Jeep!
#276 to #50 - ordog (09/27/2013) [-]
God dammit, I knew I was going to be down voted. Of course some Americans use a stick shift. It is impossible to not find exceptions in a large population, I just thought jokes were about generalizations and stereotypes, or are all blacks thieves? or all Hispanics border-hoppers? Anyway, SOME Americans are over sensitive.
#72 to #50 - anon (09/27/2013) [-]
that feel when i'm american
that feel when i'm also a woman
#59 to #50 - humorouswaste (09/27/2013) [-]
makes bacon
makes bacon
User avatar #78 to #50 - divinecreator (09/27/2013) [-]
We invented not only the car but the MUSCLE CAR known for their stick shifts. Stick shift runs freely(just as anything should) through the veins of America
User avatar #117 to #78 - gurtol (09/27/2013) [-]
America came up with the Assembly line technique to build the first mass produced car. Germany invented the car 10 or 15 years before that.
User avatar #220 to #117 - divinecreator (09/27/2013) [-]
eh i meant that i knew it was originated from a european country just couldnt remember which one
#89 to #78 - evigvinter (09/27/2013) [-]
the germans invented the car, sorry bro
User avatar #144 to #50 - rieskimo (09/27/2013) [-]
I thumbed you up, only because most people drive automatics.

Your joke didn't go over well because there are 300,000,000 Americans and you're assuming that they're all lazy and don't want to know how to drive the glorious stick shift manual transmission vehicles. There are a fair amount of us, we're just not the majority.

Glorious Manual Transmission Master Race!
User avatar #150 to #50 - dremarcleb (09/27/2013) [-]
How many commercial tractor trailer drivers are in the United States? There's not a single time I get on the interstate that I don't see one.
User avatar #135 to #50 - douthit (09/27/2013) [-]
American here, and there's 2 manuals at my house.
User avatar #73 to #50 - ragingbrony (09/27/2013) [-]
I'm a bit confused as to why being American means we wouldn't get it...There's quiet a few Stick Shift vehicles where I live.
#69 to #50 - thegamerslife (09/27/2013) [-]
I do. WA!!
User avatar #84 to #69 - goodguygary (09/27/2013) [-]
360 master race reporting in
User avatar #86 to #84 - thegamerslife (09/27/2013) [-]
What other races are there? lol
User avatar #93 to #86 - goodguygary (09/27/2013) [-]
beast ****** race
User avatar #251 to #69 - srhkid (09/27/2013) [-]
**** yeah, washington master race
User avatar #280 to #251 - thegamerslife (09/27/2013) [-]
that's debatable... We have quiet a few morons in this state... like people who think gay married affects them and are butthurt over the new laws, ones who think weed makes you the devil, and some who think my guns will make me walk into their childs school and blow them away cause I play "far to much" GTA and sleeping dogs... other than those interlopers... WA MASTER RACE!! lol
User avatar #272 - whitepowernow **User deleted account** (09/27/2013) [-]
And who started to talk about cars?!?!?!??!
#268 - frostypanda (09/27/2013) [-]
You can still shift without using clutch and not grind gears.. syncro shifting
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