4chan goes to school. . I Anonymous (: 43 Replies: File: _ . KB, 393x541, trance elel. png) L Mind out my college has femminist literature class suecide to snea 4chan kicked out
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4chan goes to school

I Anonymous (: 43 Replies:
File: _ . KB, 393x541, trance elel. png)
L Mind out my college has femminist literature class
suecide to sneak in ch a lecture and listen to how stupid it is
Maat day, all the fat are reading poems and parts of hacks
repell out my kindle and my copy of yurope
up and read pic related
retartdes mad
Leacher mad
baykes super mad
Mhee threw pens at me
paracord them doing so with my phone
Everyone caught ch film is expelled for assault
met 9 tree pens
LOOK ! Kindle Book Print Book (.
Invasion handle Edition] The ocean lapped at a black pebble beach on their left. Local peas ants grazed
by Michael Wand on snails and cheese wheels in a clearing to their right. An American tourist with a
l) little American flag emblazoned backpack sat against a tall oak tree. She held a loaf
Kindle Edition . 99 of long French bread under each of her armpits and stained them with her gravy-
scented sweat. Her immense buak stressed the tree she leaned against to the point of
Deliver To breaking. Bits of brown bark cracked and fell upon her exposed, hotdog like
Hers Kindle _ shoulders. Two Parisian children ran around the tourist. A little boy grabbed a
Send this sample to your Kindle piece of bark out of the sky and rubbed it against his left armpit. "Ts this how you
use soap?" He asked. "No stupid, you do it like this!" His sister replied while
m _ rubbing a strip of the bark against her teeth. "Oh you poor, freedom hating
Book it savages." The tourist began. "T am a modern, liberated woman. Therefore, I only
Dwar wash my front butt, and only when I got a government appointed date." The tourist
Beginning replied with a snort. "My English is not so good. What is a government appointed
date?" The French girl asked. "That' s when the government respects my right to
have relations once a month with a white fellow whether he likes it or not. They
break into his room, sedate him, and drive him right to my corn pile behind the
Tsn' t that rape?" The boy asked in surprise. " ho ho!" The tourist
laughed. "A woman can' t rape a man. Besides, it' s my body and my choice. Sure,
they usually try to run away when the drugs wear off, but Pm already on top at that
point. Nothing they can do but snack on some corn hush and enjoy the ride." The
tourist punctuated her answer with a long vinegary queef. The Parisian children fell
to the ground. The little girl gasped for air. Her brother tried to pull her away from
the tourist but collapsed and choked on a throatfuck of bread and wine flavored
vomit. The tourist breathed deeply her own pungent cervical perfume and smiled.
She then reached into the bottom of her cut off jeans with both hands, scratched
herself, retrieved a pubic louse, and ate it. "Dear god, did you see that?" Thomas
asked Knew. Knew looked over Thomas' s shoulder and saw a blur of white and
black approaching. "We' got company!" He announced while pulling Thomas
forward. Thomas looked back and doubled in speed. The mime closed in on him like
a hungry predator. It had a strange smile upon its face that sent a
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