Michigan. OC, I'm Alex. I don't think this'll do too well but I thought it was funny.. Ga raisen ‘shared Dawn with Detroit's phoen, Yesterday at we mobile . in
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OC, I'm Alex. I don't think this'll do too well but I thought it was funny.

Ga raisen ‘shared Dawn with Detroit's phoen,
Yesterday at we mobile . in
The World According be
The : wrld According be Michigan (it wwy, , corn
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Kamara“ = likes this,
Andrea . rhis is net funny,
Yesterday at ID: Elam via mobile . Like
Alex Yes it is, grew a thicker doesn' t apply h you,
Take the generic response of your choosing,
Yesterday at , . Like
Andrea It doesn' t apply h me? It' s my sate. I' m going h sand up Fer it, The ignorance of
this picture and you is just irritating,
Yesterday at 3: via mobile . Like
Kyla ‘i I' m also from Michigan, We lived there a decent portion of my life, Stereotypes are generally
true, otherwise, why weild there be one?
And f you don' t have the maturity h laugh at something so ridiculous, and not really all that offensive, you
probably shouldn' t be browsing the internet.
Also, it really doesn' t apply h you, De you label these fixations as these places? No? Thought net.
Andrea '. lltc have never met anyine whe is like this and I knew a good portion of people in
Michigan, It' s ******** . It is offensive when they try h say all people from michigan are like that because more of
them aren' t like that. You go up h anyine in michigan and ask them about their love Fer our sate. They wen' t be
ignorant about it, We lived here my whale life, I knew hew it is, Cedar Point is in sandusky, ewe. It' s Feelish h think
ofit as it' s ewn sate. We don' t refer h wisconsin as the other side of the lake. This map is stupid. It' s making fim of
something that isn' t true, IF yeu' re going h make fim of sameone er something, use Facts.
15 hours age via mobile . Like
Ga raisen Indiana is knern Fer speed traps; I don' t knew what' s really offense about it?
Andrea . Detroit is knern Fer dead bodies, but they dent all it murderthon.
T hours age via mobile . Like
Alex Bieber Pleaase you knew what other people' s thoughts are, right? Maybe the reasen this isn' t funny h
you is because you dent understand it, It' s supposed h be what Michiganders think of the surrounding areas
sebr: : soully, when they are net tee Focused en it, You weild only hear sameone refer h any tawn by name in
Not Chicago -[where I live) f they knew the name ofit Fer a specific reasen, such as sameone saying, ‘I' m visiting my
mother in Berwyn, Illinois." Anyone whe doesn' t remember the name of the tawn weild likely recall the stery as ‘He
was visiting his mother somewhere in Illinois. .. net Chicago," Pleaase the person had h Fecks en it, they said
Somewhere in Illinois" and then terified it wasn' t in Chicago, but internally they just immediately all it Not Chicago,
Uh, and we do refer h it as here, ,
11 minutes age . Like . , 2
Kyla . Everywhere We been its been alled ,
Same wih 'Chnage' and Dlot Chicago"
And We never been h Che, so, all I really knew about it is it' s Blackeye' s and it' s got Cedar Point,
8 minutes age . Like
Alex . dent knew an speak Fer the rest , but we hardly are aware exists.
7 minutes age . Like . , I
Kyla “Babe, people in INDIANA are hardly aware exists.
6 minutes age . Unlike . , I
Alex. i. Arright, then yeah,
5 minutes age . Like . , I
Write a cemment. ..
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#2 - anonmynous (09/23/2013) [+] (2 replies)
This looked fun so I made one for my own state.
#4 - rotownhero (09/24/2013) [+] (5 replies)
MI master race reportin in. 586 FTW
User avatar #9 to #4 - somthingstinks (09/24/2013) [-]
Hi, Im 586, and I am a part of this group.
#13 - twelveinchessoft (09/24/2013) [-]
MFW I'm from Ohio and 30 mins away from sandusky
MFW I'm from Ohio and 30 mins away from sandusky
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