Abandoned places comp.. Boomchikaboomchikaboomchicka.. 'Other stories say the site was the...' God dammit OP the site was the what?! abandoned places comp thug aim


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for the UFO houses at the end it was supposed to say the site was formal burial grounds of Dutch soldiers.
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'Other stories say the site was the...'

God dammit OP the site was the what?!
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The site was phone
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Only exterior is finished and it was finished by Egyptian company which agreed to finish it in exchange of being given licence to create mobile phone network.
In the meantime, still with unfinished interior, North Korea rented it to Kempinski hotel group, which is majority owned by Thai government.
Since 2011 when exterior was finished opening of the hotel was postponed seven times.
So yeah, its still a huge failure for NK government, they couldn't have finished it without foreign money and it was supposed to be symbol of North Korean power and independence. And after throwing millions upon millions at it, its still unfinished 16 years after building started.
Burj Khalifa world's largest building, which actually is arhitectual wonder was built in six.
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26 years
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Why not Detroit
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This picture really isn't especially relevant, but I've wanted to post it for some time now, so here you go.
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Detroit still has people living in it.
I was shocked at first too, but apparently black guys and homeless people count as humans now, sorry man.
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Wait a minute..I've seen that place...
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i knew i was right
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The waterpark is on that same map im pretty sure.
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I loved that game, best in the series imo.
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favorite multiplayer by far
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You know, it might have something to do with the fact that COD has used real places in and near Chernobyl to design the map...
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any one read russian? i wonder what the changed that sign to say
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what was the other stories about the ufo houses???
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is the Kowloon city still a lawless city and are there people living there?
#15 to #13 - JanitorScruffy (09/21/2013) [-]
The Kowloon Walled City was demolished in 1992, following the eviction of it's 33k residents. It is believed that The Triads (notorious Hong Kong street gangs) were operated in the Walled City, which many believe is the majority of the reason it was demolished. In 1993 the government began building a memorial park to the walled city, which is now one of the largest tourist destinations in The New Territories, Hong Kong
Source: Live in HK
Pic related, is the Kowloon Walled City Park
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very informative, thank you!
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I was expecting blockbuster to be at the end.
I was expecting blockbuster to be at the end.
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Never forget
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Now a museum, this abandoned submarine in the town of Balaklava....
Now a museum, this abandoned submarine in the town of Balaklava....
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...The site was the what?   
...The site was the what?

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I remember taking a bunker buster to that North Korean tower in the game Mercenaries. Man that was a good game
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Other stories says the site was the. WAS THE WHAT OP.
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The site was the WHAT??!?
The site was the WHAT??!?
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Almost all these look like good maps for a FPS game.. Especially the first one.
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A handful of them actually are maps in FPS games.
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The site of the what???
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"50,000 people used to live here, now it's a ghost town..."
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That submarine one really makes my skin crawl. I don't know what it is, but when I think about giant metallic things like huge ships and submarines, it really ***** with me and makes me cringe. It also makes my butthole tighten up
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"These Russian dogs are like pussycats compared to the ones in Pripyat."
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the UFO one just cuts off
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