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Don't let them find out

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A book overlooked by most people and punished tor sale mainly the Jewish community states that the Rockefellers are Jews of sephardic descent ( Spanish and Portuguese
The book rs smiled "The Grandees - Nuance! sephardic are ' The author ts Stephen , who rs recognized by the Jewish community as an expert on Jewish .
http: . corn
The punisher of "The Grandees" ts the Jewish owned punishing han "Harper and Raw" or New york City. Mr. also wrote the book "Our crowd" about the Pmilol backgrounds or
Anemia' s Wealthiest and most successful Jaws trout books have been hailed by Jewish as my class who tn the documentation history.
m "The " Shepherd Effingham reveals the of a very rare book Much was published only fur Jews some years ago. The work was comp/ ed by the Gawrsh Malcolm H.
Stem and "Amatures Decent. ' That book weighed Jo pounds and gave the history of 25, 000 Jewish tn Nuance. It ts extremely Interesting] to note that only 550
copies of the book wore punter! and that each copy was consecutively numbered The book was delivered to top Jeesh community loaders tn America tor then personal reference In dealing
with and Jews who are "Marianas" (those who pretend to be gentle In then community's but secretly hold to then Gawrsh farm and race when among then own km).
Mr. Birmingham " "The Grandes" reports: "who would expect to hnd the Rockefeller: In the book." Stanis work traces what he calls the " : the who In/ ed m spam
and Portugal as of the land." Many centimes ago. the Jews hooded mm spam tn great numbers and through usury and stealth became vast land owners. The Jews controlled both
spam and Portugal through their mortality over the matte“ or the country. It was tn 1492 that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of spam expelled the Jews from then country and
then Forgotten wealth It was during this period that the Rockefeller family moved to the Turkish Empire, much welcomed the Jews at that tune, them to be a "poor
persecuted people '
The grandfather afoul rennet Nelson Rockefeller admitted that hrs family once moved hem Turkey to France etwas mum France that they moved to America John D.
Rockefeller, Sir. was a wealthy mart even bolero he took aver standard Oil Cm, winch made than family one of the richest tn the world. No one has over how ths fatherly came rota
such wealth as soon as they amped In America mum France. some behave they got than money from the Rothchilds and were originally their agents In buying up christan business assets tn
usig than "Mariano" to do so. A Mariam: family like the Rockefellers. after all. would represent a perfect tool tor the Rothschild of France, who have for used
proxy agents to carry on much of then work.
The Thunderbolt" was the mt publication to bung Nelson Rockefeller‘ s Jewish ancestry to public . Tis Malty why he has always bean able to
work so closely wrth Jeesh overeats and why his as governor York was loaded down with Jews tram top to bottom. politcal campaigns or the past were always
directed by Jews and he was always supported by the community " all of hrs political races. Normally, the Jews would not support a christan multimillionaire for political for fear
of lacking persuasive in% eace aver hull his . The fact that Jewish community leaders have long known that the Rockefellers were fellow Jews goes a long way tn explosing
why the organized Jeesh community has always supported the Rockefellers‘ political . we can also new see why Nelson and Davld Rockefeller boosted hrs fallow Jew Henry
Into the administration, and why tn tum used his positron to bung his follow Jew, Rockefeller, oto power.
Postslist: one may crsh to resaerch the available online that rennet Us presedent Thu rs the Legimate sort Rockefeller. If true, ths would make Guitar! another
member of the chosen people, albeit paternally rather than maternally. At the same tulle, one should also consider the available (mt I Maw rower Lam observer 20070405 hon)
that the Bush family' s real name ts Scrum an German Jeesh name. To my knowledge, no one has shown conclusively that the Bush are ("Marmara's").
However, the Schiff/ Bush raely' s theas to the Nan: have been overwhelmingly by researchers, and considered the separate body of that Adolf Hitler was an
illegitimate grandson Ma Rotosushi (and thatchers Reich Germany was "made to happen" to assure the of Israel), one cannot help but ponder the possibily (Welcome to the Matron)
And oven f both possibilities ( and Bush) were prom false, there ts sill! no doubt at tins venture about the Jewish mums of the , or about then historic
as Understan agents and " for the European Rothschild dynasty. Nor ts t possible to deny any longer that the Jews, as lead by those dynamo; are dragging mung
and lulu a one world government, all traces and European culture, Identity, and solidarity along the way The new World order, alas, ts Jewish
Another postscript for thought: Al Gore married his daughter lute the Jewish sow banking homely. And Janna Bush mamed a Hagar, a . Hagar' s brother In burn marred mm
a prominant Jewish fatherly. It goes on and on
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