im going to be invincible. . I. Cure a Tickling Throat I it serves as a with rerally,. Take that ffc' throat: its not worth gs ‘rig over. Here' s a better way t im going to be invincible I Cure a Tickling Throat it serves as with rerally Take that ffc' throat: its not worth gs ‘rig over Here' s better way t
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im going to be invincible

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I. Cure a Tickling Throat
I it serves as a with rerally,. Take that ffc' throat:
its not worth gs ‘rig over. Here' s a better way to scratch
Sour itch: Ecraft Hour ear.
When the nerves in the ear are stimulated, it creates a regex
in the throat that can cause a muscle spasm," Scott
Mt,, president oi an ear, nose, and mat
mac ea-‘ center in Hillsboro, New Jersey ‘This spasm
2. Experience Supersonic
It I sill k hath}: i:, l rat Led Jets
the sangre , ms oi: speech, accordingly researcher, at: the
gifset', Dav Geiger, ' icier, ,' medicine. if on the dither ha
better at: pickling, up music tones.
5. Overcome Your Most Primal
ex, l to pee’? No bathroom nearby' E' Fantasia about sex.
tydk, about sex preoccupies Hour brain, so Hos won' t teal
reproductive medicine at the Eiao_., ifor Collegial: Medicine.
Feel No Pain
German researchers have discovered that coughing, clarie
an inaction can lessen the pain atthe needle stick. waging
to arse , author of a study on the phenomenon,
the tick causes a sudden, temporary, rise in P' P" He in the
chest and spinal canal, inhibiting the'
structures oi: the spinal cord.
f. Clear Your st: Nose
rtaa' tye!: Sudafed. Here' s an easier, utter, and cheaper
remedy to relieve sinus sure: ,' ',",', mating Hour
tongue the more? our mouth, then hing
between your one Finger. This causes the
miner bone, which runs three the "rosal a s to the
mouth, to rode back and to , was Lisa no, DAD.,
an assistant at the Mich: n State
college oi osteopathic medicine. flee',",:,':,','?, loosens
con ion; alter 20 seconds, youll Feel your sinuses start
to rain.
6. Fight Fire Without: Water
Woe those win will re on m tom , T this
A. Starport, ivi. o., a New lien: City Essences , ist and
assistant processer oi medicine at: New York Medical Kalle
s, tidies have shown that patients who sleep on their Hit s','? t,
re. Iers likely to sugar From acid regex. The elepha, g. is and
stomach connect at an angle. when u ssl on Hour ,
stomach acid to s ids up Hour threat. has yiou: t on (f" f
left, tane stomach is lower than the esophagus, so gang' s in
7'. Cure Your Toothache
Just rub ice on the back oi our hand, on the misshaped
webbed area between umb and index fret A
Canadian stucks tau that this tech niope reduces
toothache pain h, as much as 50 percent compared with
Lain no ice. The nerve path's at the base oi: that V
brass bl ks I I esho
8 . Make Burns Disappear
When gm accidents" sing; your linger on the stove, clean
and Arly Ii t pressure with" the Finger pads oi: your
i. ' red hand. Ice will r' elieve your pain more , Dr.
was but since the' natual method brings the
burned shin I: _ to a normal temperature, the shin is less
lii:. ela. to holister.
9. Stop the World From Spinning
Cine too many drinks lea: you ding? Ah, luck: there' s a
untidy, Put hand on jamesh' Ge; stable. e part Degu. Ir
ear respond t, For diin, slaimus, e, s in a Hui of
die same density as blood. "As alcohol dilutes blood in the
nu la, the copula becomes less dense and rises," Dr.
scl.' a. tth,' -', This' corpses your brain. The tac lo a
stable object gives the brain a second opinion, and you Feel
more in leilani; k because the nerves in the hand are so
sensitive, this work the conventional
IO. Restitch Your Side
it 're like most o , when on min,
our liver which lives on your i' idie, side), which then m at
are diaphragm and creates a stitch, accordin to e
Dawns oi: Home Remedies ‘her Men. The ".E. 1., Exhale
rs yourelf/ I toot strikes the ground,
II. Stanch Blood with One Finger
Pinchi our nose and Leanin back is a great to stun a
against it: hard. ‘Moast bleeds some the -[rent of the
septum, the carding. wall that divides the nose,‘ was Peter
mama, , an ear, nose, and throat specialist at
Hospital, in Durban, South Alica. "
heh; stop them."
12.. Make Your Heart: Stand Still
quell ? Blow on WP" thumb. The
my nerve, which governs heart rate, can be controlled
teard, breathing, says, Ben Also, an magma
mu-: specialist at: the of i'
it' ll gt your heart rate heel: to normal.
Unthaw Your Brain
Too much too last will Freeze the brains oi: lesser
men, As For Hou, press your tongue flat against: the root's:
IN"" south, covering, as much as you can. "Since the nerves
in the of Hour mouth get cold, your hock]
Aligners Hour brain is Freezing, too,’ was Abe. "In
a e," reasure to our
Pt-. Prevent: Shortsightedness
e vision is rarer caused by antics, 53 Anne
usually caused his stress.“ In other words, staring
and re sing muscles such as the biceps and
iit,, i:, 1 involuntary the
Wake the Dead
if your hand Falls asleep while Hour: sittings n an odd
Mon, rock pour head Gam side to side. It' ll
t' J' ift Ur pins and needles in less than a minute, 5 s Dr.
compression in 'llel,' ll' , of nerves in your neck, loosening,
eel: I cs
dogs lie. Stand up and walla around.
it;. Impress Your Friends
Next time Te at a , tr this etch: Have a men hold
to maintain t is position. Then p two Fingers on his wrist
and" push down. He' ll resist. Now have he put one loot on a
whee that' s a hall: inch hi er (a jeese magazines} and
repeat. This time his arm as cave like the French. By
his hi , yum his spine, sags Rachel
me, C. 5. g:;., oh Results Fitness, in Santa
Clarita, Califonia. Your brain senses that the spine is
vulnerable, so l shuts down the lftmgys ability to resist.
Breathe Underwater
hoau' re, grips to retrieve that quarter From the bottom oi
the pool, who several short breaths ', slb,
at v it'
which signals Hour brain that somethin' ant right. hehey you
hhgttg:, ii,', ii, t, iii: the influx oh , ] lowers blood acidity? G;
Read Minds
own! "Ii: u' re givings s ech the next clay, review it
behest lawn ,' as s tact. , an instru. ici: or
oi sciences at: t e oi: Idaho. Since most
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