GTA V on PC. The petition against GTA V for PC: The petition for GTA V on PC Petition GTA V
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Hello Fur,, so I was looking amoled a hit and l suddenl; r saw this:
a" ,' Hamster Games v Sign this
Roaster Games: DONT MAKE A PC 'imt,
Tr' evm' Phillips
Sign I
itoi', PC Gamers learn their lesson and step stealing games
This is a petition against Blackstar making a PC ‘version of GTA T
This petition has heen erected to learn PC gamers a lesson, to stop
PC games and start paying for them.
As you ean see, the petition is erected hr "Trevor Phillips" from the
CS and ; r only has 10 000 supporters.
In reaction to this petition, "Mike Julliard" has erected another
petition, one to Blackstar to create a PC ‘version of GTA T
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a" ,' Hamster Games v
Roaster: Release (HA V on PC
illgal Julliard
This petition has heen signed owee 350 000 tienes
I know there is no ilan; r here hut l inst daniell to let you guys see this
Both petitions are linked in the description
Views: 31443 Submitted: 09/16/2013