Depressing.... . This is what movie heroes looked like when I grew up .e. and this is what movie heroes looked like when you grew up I would cry' for you, but r
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This is what movie heroes
looked like when I grew up .e.
and this is what movie
heroes looked like when
you grew up
I would cry' for you, but real men don' t.
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Submitted: 09/15/2013
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#66 - damncheese (09/16/2013) [-]
Rambo was the 						*******					 best thing ever when I was 10.   
(I also watched Rocky since it's also Sylvester Stallone)
Rambo was the ******* best thing ever when I was 10.

(I also watched Rocky since it's also Sylvester Stallone)
#62 - anonymous (09/16/2013) [-]
I'm sorry that our generation doesn't prefer action heroes that are shirtless, well-tanned men with bulging muscles glistening with sweat.
#59 - diroccodoodleedoo (09/16/2013) [-]
Ugh, this is ******** . Both of those are horrible male characters. One is an over the top macho power fantasy, simultaneously glorifying and strengthening the idea that men are (or should be) nothing more than violent brutes with no emotions or emotional weakness. The other is an unrealistic fantasy of what some women want men to be, a feminine, but at the same time powerful protector with a perfect body and a perfect soul who somehow wants to waste his time hanging around a boring cardboard cutout of a female lead (read: self insert character). The flipside is true for female characters is true, and definitely much more prevalent, but at least they get attention for being sexist/ ****** female characters. These male characters however, don't. If I want to cry because I'm sad, I ******* will, and if I'm not a pale looking dude who sparkles in the sunlight, I shouldn't be considered unattractive. The sad thing about this post is that, while male characters in Twilight and its ilk are unrealistic, they are made for ******** girls to stroke it to, not for us; This whole macho man, "I'm so tough, I don't cry, cause crying is for girls and weaklings" image is a sexist attitude towards men, perpetrated by men.

Now I'm not saying being masculine is bad, after all, this is coming from a dude who has had a beard since 7th grade, just that overblown image of masculinity is. And for the record, I am not calling silly action movies, or even Twilight movies harmful or sexist or what have you. They are just cheesecake, stupid pleasures with no real merit, much like porn or actual cheesecake, and that's where they should be and that's where they should stay, the second someone uses them as benchmarks for how actual people should be, that's when it becomes a problem.

sorry for the rant, have a squidbuck

#56 - Yojimbo (09/16/2013) [-]
> Implying there weren't fruity heroes in the 80's
> Implying Edward from Twilight is representative of all of cinema's heroes in present day
> Implying OP is anything even resembling a real man.

What a stupid ******* post, go back to Facebook OP.

Pic related, an 80's hero
#55 - deletedmyaccount (09/16/2013) [-]
Okay, while I agree that we need more badass heroes, calling that guy a hero isn't really fair. A lot of people hated those movies, while at least a majority liked Rambo
User avatar #54 - randomserb (09/16/2013) [-]
User avatar #53 - indecisivejew (09/16/2013) [-]
Its funny because Stallone still makes movies so he's just as much a hero for modern kids as he was for you.
#52 - antoniospaghettio (09/16/2013) [-]
Just because your heroes rocked, doesn't mean you do.
User avatar #51 - skaffanl (09/16/2013) [-]
******* Expendables 2.
#50 - thisistheguy (09/16/2013) [-]
Bitch please, there were heroes like that ****** when Rambo came out.
#48 - kingofgodss (09/16/2013) [-]
Actually these are my heroes.
#57 to #48 - deletedmyaccount (09/16/2013) [-]
Dude, Walter White isn't meant to be a hero...
User avatar #58 to #57 - kingofgodss (09/16/2013) [-]
well he's a role model for me.
User avatar #47 - gitanisme (09/16/2013) [-]
Put your fedora back on and go home, OP.
#45 - vladhellsing (09/16/2013) [-]
Get out.
Get out.
#44 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (09/16/2013) [-]
Lets forget all those Marvel and DC movies, that **** never happened, right? And The Lord of the Rings movies were pretty pansy, not like it had an army of the dead, dudes slaying giant elephants, armies of violent, ruthless, corrupted creatures made for the sole purpose of destruction all living under a constantly erupting volcano.
#43 - anonymous (09/16/2013) [-]
Yes, because twilight is the only movie made in the last 10 years....
#42 - wesergold (09/16/2013) [-]
that's a stupid comparison. those are completly different movie genres with a completly different fanbase. that's like saying the movie hero of the 80s was Patrick Swayze.
#41 - Lewx (09/16/2013) [-]
Real men also don't watch Twilight, 						******					.
Real men also don't watch Twilight, ****** .
User avatar #40 - bitchplzzz (09/16/2013) [-]
Ok, one bad movie, Twilight. after a quick google search i could give you 10 movies that are "manly" and made after 2008
User avatar #39 - ekseevi **User deleted account** (09/16/2013) [-]
"Movie heroes"
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