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#85 - TopDawg
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(09/15/2013) [-]
"The military is so bad haa, you're all idiots to support them! They dun fight for muh freedoms"

Yeah well even if they don't maybe their grandpa or grandma did, maybe their dad or mom, brother or sister gave their lives defending whatever blood stained flag they wore on their chest. And they're damn proud of it, and who they are. To anyone who sits there and speaks againt the military, just remember, not all of them are brainless zombies, and most of them would put themselves between you and harms way. They would fight to defend your last breath and give you theirs to make sure you can keep calling them a murdering dog. So, what exactly have you done to change a total strangers life? For bad or good? How have YOU impacted this world in anyway? If you have, then props to you, go on you've earned your seat. If you haven't, go out there and make yourslef mean something. Don't sit around and fall into a crowd. Make your -life- mean something. Those mindless soldiers, are chasing after something a lot bigger than what you think, they're doing something with their lives, no matter what they've done, the second that rifle touched their hands, the second that helmet strapped on, the second that bullet proof vest wraped around their hearts and guts, they took a breath and began their life journy. That is why I am a proud supporter, they put fourth an effort to be happy with their life. It's not for everyone, not for me, the good little med student, but it was for them, and I can smile with them saying I'm chasing after what makes me happy.

#121 to #85 - flapz
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(09/15/2013) [-]
Soldiers do as commanded (well most of them do) and that could also be what the portrait is about. They fulfill their purpose as trained to but ultimately they are following someone elses commands and how far that chain of commands is obviously depends on rank. Wether you consider this a good or bad thing is up to the individual and your point is of course still valid as they believe to fight for a higher purpose but personally I wouldn't let some people I don't know put my life in danger for reasons that is not necessarily for what I consider a higher purpose.
#103 to #85 - larfang
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(09/15/2013) [-]
Thank you sir
Thank you sir